God Created two genders equally to regulate this world smoothly. But we human never understand this beautiful creation of God. Being a woman is tough, but yet elegant too. International Women’s Day is not just about talk on gender parity, give a flower or other social cause messaging. It is about to make women feel empowered and to make them realise they are equally strong as men.

Today Social Media will be full of women; every single person talks about women empowerment and blah blah blah!!!

But you know na!! Nothing’s going to change like this until people realise it from the heart.

So, Let the world talking. You just enjoy being a unique species of human by doing this simple thing:

  • Give Yourself a Shopping Treat:

Shopping is good therapy for women. So, enjoy this day by giving Treat to Life. Go to your favourite shop and buy fabulous products for you.

  • Awaken Your Spiritual Side:

Being a woman is a gift of God.  A Woman can give birth to another life which men can’t. Give a thank to god to provide you with exceptional abilities.  A woman can be a mother, which is the best role in any woman’s life.

  • Pamper Yourself:

Go for a relaxing session. You can step into the spa or the nearby beauty parlour and pamper yourself.

If you are a fitness freak, hit in the gym or just do yoga or Pranayam at home.

  • Give a Smile to Other Women:

Make smile to the first women you met in the morning. Trust me; you will feel awesome. We all need positive reinforcement to be our best.

  • Meet Your Old Girl Buddies:

We could not be able to meet our girl buddies due to a hectic schedule and so many reasons. This Women’s day you can plan for girls meet up. Enjoy gossips and girls chit chats.

  • Enjoy Your Spaces:

Everybody loves their space. Whatever you like dancing, singing, sleeping you must treat yourself by enjoying your area.

Womanhood is the best gift given by God to you. Don’t waste this gift, take an oath this women’s day to live this life with great enthusiasm.


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