Your hair needs all your attention and care, whether dry, dyed, dandruff or even average. To get straight to the root of your problem, start by detecting what your hair type is. Then apply these ten tips, and you’ll keep it precious.

Wash, Dry And Comb Gently

Rubbing your hair hard when you wash it does not do you any good. Treat it fondly, gently massaging with your fingertips all over the scalp to remove grease, sweat, and grime. All hair types need a shampoo or conditioner and a weekly moisturizing treatment.

Carefully unzip it so it will not break, if possible do so in the shower with the conditioner on and with the fingers instead of the comb. Rinse it is vital to bring it to shine, do it with cold water. To dry it, just wrap it in the towel to absorb excess moisture.

Make A Good-Cut

Do not go to the hairdresser only in extreme cases, cut the tips every two months so they do not open and hair grows stronger.

Give It More Shine

Apply one of these two great natural masks. Wash your hair, remove excess water, apply condensed milk, and let it act for 10 minutes, then rinse and pour over an ice cube.

Another option: apply to the hair wheat germ oil, leave it overnight and wash the next morning, and apply a stream of apple cider vinegar.

Finish Off Excess Fat

Counteract the grease by washing it with a little brewer’s yeast mixed with the shampoo, rinsing it with lemon juice.

Give Volume

If you want to give body to your hair straight, during the washing rubs with the foam of the shampoo the hair from the root to the tips. Then dry it with a best-hooded hair dryer for home hot air first with the head down and then tuft by tuft, underneath, with a round brush.


Say Goodbye To Dryness

Still caused by dyes, an excellent natural remedy is to apply a mixture of two egg yolks, one teaspoon of rum and one of castor oil; Let it act for 10 minutes and rinse it.

It Looks Like The Brunette

Just as chamomile clears blond hair, rosemary darkens brown hair. Bring to boil for five minutes a handful of fresh rosemary leaves in water. Empty this infusion into a spray bottle and store it in the refrigerator; Sprinkle it on your already washed hair, and you will grow dark. If you want reddish reflections, sprinkle an infusion of red tea.

Combat With Dandruff

Finish with dandruff Shampoos to combat dandruff multiplies their effects if you combine them with parsley. Boil half a cup of fresh parsley leaves in water and when the tea cools down; use it to give you the last rinse on the scalp after washing your hair.

Keep Curls Under Control

Taming curly hair should not be a torment. To define its natural form, apply an egg white on the hair and wrap it in aluminium foil. Use conditioner to see better results.

Make It Healthy

Keep your colour in perfect condition, applying a mixture of almond oil, cinnamon essence, Apple cider vinegar and a few drops of lemon.


If you want to get a healthy and beautiful natural hair, you should have followed these tips for healthy hair.

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