Hair straighteners are one of the most vital beauty accessories today as it helps in enhancing your overall beauty and style with lovely hairstyles whenever you need. But it is quite difficult to choose anyone from its looks and style, but you have to make a wise approach towards buying the best hair straighteners suited for your specific hair type. Are not sure how to choose the best hair straighteners in India, then this article will be useful for you.

How to Buy Best Hair Straightener.

  1. Coating Plate Size – Hair straighteners come in different coating plate. The quality of the coating plates hair straighteners helps you to prevent damage to the hair to a minimum.
  • Ceramic coating- This hair iron is easy to use, without burning the hair it quickly and easily slides on the strands. The negative impact of such rectifiers is minimal.
  • Metal coating- Metal coating plate is considered the most dangerous to the hair. Irons with metal coating for daily use are not suitable.
  • Teflon coating- This hair iron easily slides on the hair without pulling and not baffling them, and prevents hair from sticking to the plate.
  • Tourmaline coating- This leads to the neutralisation of fixed and the scales of the hair are closed and maintain moisture, so the hair is practically not damaged during styling.
  1. Choose the Right Shape (Width, Shape, and Type) –
  • Narrow plates- Narrow plates are perfect for shorter hair and for making waves. Small hair irons are also ideal for styling bangs and spikes, and too high for travelling.
  • Classic plates- This plate is the most versatile. These irons are fits all hair types and hair lengths, usually in a rounded design, which is excellent to make waves.
  • Wide plates – Wide plates have better ironing and are an excellent choice for individuals with long or thick hair.
  • Flat shape – Flat shape is not right to make beautiful waves or curls.
  • Round shape – This can be used as a hair curling iron, and you can create the curve in your hair. You can get the same result as with the curling.
  1. Check Temperature Settings – If you think that the hotter a straightener can give, the better it is. But those high temperatures are damaging to your hair. If you have excellent hair, your hair might end up getting fried in the heat. So make sure you consider this and take this tip seriously before selecting a hair straightener.
  2. Weight and Ease Of Use – Hair straighteners come in a variety of weights. Some hair irons are too heavy to use comfortably for long, so if you’ve long or very curly hair choose a lightweight model. Also, look for a long, rotating power cord so that it makes styling your hair more manageable.
  3. Choose quality – When it comes to buying a hair straightener, know that you’re dealing with your hair and heat. A cheap hair straightener might be attractive, but you should choose a straightener that is of the best quality. Save up and spend in one that will do less damage to your hair.
Top 10 Hair Straighteners
  • Remington S2002 Hair Straightener

A ceramic and Teflon coated Hair straightener iron one of the best hair straightener available on Amazon India. It’s Teflon coating evenly heat and smoothly glide on the hairs. Quite fast in heating in just 30 seconds and automatically shuts off in 60 minutes.

Equipped with a temperature regulator, this hair straightener allows you to pick the temperature which best suits your hair type. As this hair straightener has slim plates, you can straighten and style your hair in sections and make it look flawless.

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Hair straightener rods are available in an array of sizes to choose from, starting from 1 / 2-inch small size to 1 and 1/4 inch mostly sized rods. You can select them according to your suitable size.  Hence, Hair straighteners should be bought only after considering the above factors.


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