Anger is just a cowardly extension of sadness. It is a lot easier to get angry at someone then it tells them you’re hurt.

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Nowadays, everyone surrounded by the depression in a fast and competitive life, due to which anger has become a minor matter.

Everybody is worried for some reason due to which that his frustration goes out to his friends or his family.

There are so many emotions in our self; anger is one of the most frequent emotion. This emotion deeply connected to us.

However, sometime this Anger proves harmful. On a certain occasion, it is ok to get annoyed but if it is not in control then it will be a problem for acquaintances. On account of, anger gives physical, mental and social problems.

Therefore, it is important to think about your anger level before it causes a drastic loss to you.

  • Sourness In relationship

Anger brings the irritation and thinking of complaining. If you do not find the environment in mind or anything that planned; then the slightest annoyance takes the stance of anger.

In such a situation, soaring between relationships has come only because people around you have to face it more. It has often been seen that people who frequently become aggressive, people started making them distant. The fact is that your whimsical personality forces people to distance you from you.

  • Nothing remains run of the mill:

We forget of casual behavior in the burn of anger, which influences other casual things related to you. Relationships also clash with this Behavioral downgrade. The reason for the start of a dispute in married relationships often is to make an angry rather than talk to a partner properly. On such days, such a noisy relationship does not allow love to grow and distances come.

  • Open Invitation to illness:

Anger does not just cause mental and physical problems but also exhilarate them. On the first note, it reduces the physical immunity besides insert negativity and anxiety in our mind. It is true that anger is a part of human natural behavior but excessiveness may be harmful.  According to researchers, Anger has a mechanism, which makes many changes in the body. It causes increases in certain hormones, which is not good for health.

  • It causes:
  1. High blood pressure.
  2. Chest pain.
  3. Headache.
  4. Obesity.
  5. Indigestion.
  6. Migraine.
  7. Heart attack.
  8. Insomnia.

The list goes on and on and on…

Now you had better know if it is bad for you then simply leave it, and be happy. You know that sometimes anger emotionally shattered us, you feel disheartened or grieved. Over aggression sometimes leads to depression.

So, wake up early morning and start meditation trust me it changes your life. You feel more lively and happy.

  • The root cause of stress and depression:

In today’s busy lifestyle, people lack the emotional support. In such a way, the habit of temper makes you even more lonely and tense. Every emotion like happiness, smile, sadness affects our mind. Some make you feel better or negative. Negativity in thinking leads to stress or depression. Anger always ends on regret. This same nature of anger promotes apathy, which sometimes proves to be harmful, making it difficult to get out. Because a journey from stress to depression converts anger to excessive aggression.

  • Got tag of negative personality:

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Sometimes due to over aggression, you may behave poorly in public which instantly makes you negative personality. People judged you as a negative person. Clearly, nobody likes the aggressive person. There have been cases where anger has made a person a criminal.

Road Rage is a cause of unnecessary anger. So, try to calm down while you are upset. Try to be quiet when you are highly aggressive. Take a deep breath and do “Om” chants or count 10 to 1. It helps you to cool down.

  • Puts the Beauty in danger:

Anger does not just hollow the inside body but it also affects the outer body. Most aggressive people seem to be old before time. An important reason for wrinkles on the skin is anger and stress.People who become angry about this matter become the sufferer.

According to experts, Frequent aggressive behavior or stress leads to skin problems like pimples, acne, rashes. There is a hormone called cortisol(stress hormone) decreases which causes hair loss, weight loss or weight gain, loss of facial grace.

That’s why we should practice yoga, meditation daily as it smoothens our breathing and decreases the stress level, enhance the ability to understand better.


Anger destroys our actual personality. Sometimes your anger and irritability become a subject of laughter for others. Either they ignore you or are scared of you.  People start taking you casually. Many times deliberately annoy you to blow up your jokes. In such a situation, your identity is unknowingly created by the negative person. Which makes you very heavy on every achievement. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the time alive and control your anger.

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