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Dusshera is celebrated as the festival of good fortune on evil. To make that celebration of the combustion of Dashanan Ravana in the real sense, you should win over these 10 evils on this occasion otherwise you may face difficulties.

  • Negativity on Workplace

These days #Metoo movement is on a hike. And, this harassment majorly happening in the workplace. Office or your professional place is a way of your livelihood don’t contaminate that place. Therefore, The elimination of evils associated with here should be your priority.

  • Always Being Online:

If you are always active on social sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter in the workplace, then understand that you are the biggest enemy of your productivity. Stay away from these things in the workplace, if necessary, take a look at the essential things at lunchtime.

  • Cheating or betraying people:

Your reputation in any job or business is only when you are trustworthy to people. If you pretend to work to please your boss by not doing your work honestly and wholeheartedly or often lie to them, they will definitely expose themselves for one day or so. That’s precisely what happens in the business. If you cheat with your customer, then you will not be able to get into the market for a long time.

  • Do not invest money:

Many people consider to only collecting money not to invest it. Due to inflation, your purchasing power of rupee decreases. So, instead of keeping your money in the box or in saving account, it should be invested in the right place. Investing keeps the country’s financial system strong. Take a note from a skilled finance consultant and make your money right.

  • Do not let make yourself important:

Either it’s a job or business, Make yourself important until you do not get importance. Work hard for this, update yourself with new skills and techniques, and always try to give better output.

  • Unnecessary Expenses:

Spending your money without consideration and then spreading hands in front of people in the emergency is such a bad habit that makes a person eligible for social neglect and ridicule. If you are a person of a hobby, and your hard earned money is made in non-essential items such as paan, tobacco etc., then be careful. Reserve your money for essential events of life.

  • Leave the intoxication:

Things like cigarettes, bees, gutkha and alcohol give the momentary fun, but it damages many internal organs of the body. Intoxication can swallow your body like a termite. Just quit it today.

  • Be Physically Active:

If you are lazy person or you like to do rest more. Then you must quit this bad habit now. Because we have to get this human body once and I think everyone like to live perfectly and actively in this life. Therefore, you must do some physical activities daily atleast for 30 minutes. Trust me you feel really really better.

  • Leave Rich and oily food:

Stop consuming high-calorie food like oily snacks, chocolates, ice cream and fast food. Yes, it really tastes good but it harms your digestive system equally bad. Therefore this Dussehra takes a pledge to control the cholesterol and eat clean and nutrient-rich food only.



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