apple watch series 3
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Mini Verdict

You would not have plenty of compatibility options you could choose from. Only iPhone is compatible with it. Amazing connectivity with LTE. Now have all the information your phone is receiving you would have it straight away on your wrist.

Apple Watch S 3 Specs

Compatibility: iOS | Display: 1.53″ OLED | Processor: S2 dual-core | Onboard storage: 8GB / 16GB (Non-LTE and LTE respectively) | Battery duration: 18 hours | Charging method: Wireless | IP rating: IPX7 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC

Overview and Value

Despite the many competitors and some well-known giants in the market of smart wears, Apple is leading all of them. Today experience the new generation of best smartwatches are the core efforts of the makers to facilitate us with such luxury. But the iPhone is on the top of all giants. As its products are richer in quality and also the features it produces are spectacular. You know guys if you are an iPhone user you would love to hear about Apple Watch Series 3. Once you use it you would become a fan of it. A fantastic smart wear.

Apple Watch 3 Series

I am going to review this beautiful smartwatch. It is obvious to mention that it’s not for everyone’s taste and hardly the most wallet-friendly. Well, the compatibility with iPhone is not limited, being iPhone user you would have plenty of options to choose from.

The Latest Samsung Gear smartwatches are also in the line of best smartwatches today. And if we started counting the manufacturers of smart wear, the list will go on. So let us stick to our topic to reveal the main specs and features of Apple Watch Series 3.

For the fellas who really want to have all the information on their wrist, they would prefer the smartwatches. All the information your phone is receiving you would be able to see on the screen of your smart wear.

Design and Screen

Let’s start with the design and its screen. If you used Apple Watch 2, you would not be surprised to hear that S3 is in the same frame. But the inner upgradation in S3 is making it different from the previous release. The design is identical to the previous release it looks. Being popular among the folks wearing iOS has its own charm and iconic attraction. However, the credit goes to the design and its make.

Well the cellular connectivity with 4G LTE is a quite advanced insertion into this model. The integration of antenna into the screen is an innovative part of engineering. It is elegant and light with slight changes to give a new look.

Processing and Features

The new engine in the chassis with some really cool upgrade is great. It has a faster dual-core processor with WatchOS 4 system. This is such a great upgrade on this series. The processor supports it in maintaining the super speed in performing your tasks. Exactly the same as it is the tradition of Apple to maintain the usability as a standard. There are slight changes but you can operate it with that single button as you use all Apple smart devices.

Apple introduced now the scrollable dock of your latest apps. The software supports you in saving the battery life by making your smart wear’s performance better than ever. You would be able to have millions of tracks and beats of your choice right on your wrist. Chat with your friends and stay connected through your wrist.

Final Verdict

One of the best smartwatch out there in the market. Apple successfully incorporated the raw power and functionality into it. A perfect fitness tracker would stay you alert and cautious about your fitness. This smartwatch is a real love. We are using the same things on it which we enjoyed previously. But it would give you the feel of a newly designed advanced interface in such a wonderful small chassis. The iOS ecosystem is the biggest insertion of all features. The bright and clear display with a shiny glow would amaze your mood.


  • A superb fitness tracking smartwatch
  • LTE Connection
  • Water resistant
  • A nice Battery life


  • Expensive
  • Only compatible with iPhone
  • LTE version not available in India


Apple Watch Series 3
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