Blue sapphire stone also popularly known as Neelam is a powerful stone. It is a blue coloured gemstone belonging to the corundum mineral family. Being the strongest and the fastest acting stone in the astrological gemstone, it brings instant wealth, fame, and success in the wearer’s life.

Neelam stone in Vedic astrology

According to Vedic astrology Blue Sapphire is the gemstone of Saturn. Saturn is considered as a karmic planet in Astrology. It is said that Shani period or dasha can make or break the person. Adorning the stone has numerable benefits like success at work, prosperity, sharp and clear mind, and discipline along with various health benefits.

Blue sapphire effects Relationships

  • A lot of our success and happiness depends on hard work, luck and the relation we share with a concerned person, company and family.The entity of the entire human race is dependent upon the relationship they share, be it in the workplace, domestic front, among couples, parents and kids, or siblings.
  • It is quite disturbing to live in a negative atmosphere with tension. It takes a toll on one’s mental and physical state. Blue sapphire stone has proven to improve the relationship between individuals and create a positive surrounding.
  • For a Happy life love is essential. It makes our life better and blissful. A lot of effort and patience is required to build such bonds; Blue sapphire reinforces the love, loyalty, and devotion in people. It enhances the emotional connection, and produces confidence and trust among individuals.
  • People who are suffering from bad relationships and problems in love or married life should wear Neelam ratna. This stone has the power to destroy all the negativities from your love life.
  • Gemstone especially Neelam stone can provide you strength and positivity to make your love life better. I think this is the best and easiest way to charge your sexual life also. Saturn is the planet who rules the mind and provide mental peace to the person. This powerful planet will help you to keep calm while challenging situations.
  • A noxious Saturn can have a negative, lethargic and indifferent influence on a person, which can prove to be detrimental for his work and relationship. To improve and get stability, the person must try to get a positive influence of the planet by wearing the blue sapphire.
  • It is advisable for couples who are experiencing turbulence in their relationship to wear this stone. Neelam stone is connected with peace, honesty, and genuine.
  • Blue Sapphire stone also strengthens the relationship with children. Also known to bring self-confidence and clarity in mind, it improves relations with colleagues and has a positive effect at work. It can be beneficial as well as harmful for some. It has to suit the individual for him to benefit.
  • Otherwise, it can prove to have an extremely adverse effect on the person. Therefore, it is advisable to consult an astrologer before wearing it. 

How to wear Blue Sapphire stone

However, one should wear the stone after consulting an expert astrologer. Blue Sapphire should be worn after a trial only. To test the stone, one should wear the gem tied in a cloth around the arm for a week or keep it under the pillow for three nights. If there is any adverse effect, or the individual feels uneasy, please remove the stone immediately.

Blue sapphire stone Price

Blue sapphire price can range from rupees 2,500/- and rupees 2,00,000/- plus per carat, Kashmir Neelam price per carat range stays between rupees 50,000 and rupees 5,00,000 plus, Ceylon Neelam stone price per carat range is between rupees 2000/- and rupees 32,000/- plus. Thailand blue sapphires are much cheaper.

Always buy a certified blue sapphire from a reliable seller. It has to be both examined as well as tested by an expert astrologer. so, If you want to buy natural and energized Neelam or any other gemstone then you can easily purchase it from Shubh Gems. We direclty import gemstones from mines, so you don’t need to take much worry about out Gemstones and Gemstone jewellry.

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