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Balcony Ticket orignals Presents Bombae

Digital World has overpowered the Entertainment Industry. Nowadays, People loves to watch Movies and Series on the web rather than Theaters or Television sets. And why not? Real stories with complete justice cannot show on TV and cinema because of the censor board and stacked law. Web World has given people an open platform to show their talent.

Between this hard endeavor, Balcony Ticket Originals has launched their new web series “Bombae” on YouTube.

Balcony Tickets Originals is a YouTube channel, which is free for everyone. Balcony Tickets’ main motto is creating web series, short films, and advertisements. The team consists of people who live and work with passion. Balcony Tickets focus on creating captivating visual stories through authentic production which are not only creative but also something that you won’t find on TV.

Balcony Ticket Originals recently achieved 46k subscribers and almost 1 million views.

Bombae is a unique story revolving around four strangers making plans for their life. And, their plans took them to the untouched part of life. The title ‘Bombae’ suggested by Gaurav Albaugh also acting in the series. Bombae is a sarcastic story which shows the real face of today’s life. It alike mirrors showing the individuals lifestyle these days. Instance, how the Internet surrounds our life, Competition, struggle, New age relationship, and their thought process.

Lots of people want to know how life in the Bombay is? This web series is here to show that lifestyle with the story of Four strangers who come from different cities to aspire their career and how they entangled in the situations.

Saad Choudhary, Gaurav Alugh, Mohit Jain, Kshitija A Saxena, and Vidhi Chitalia are playing the important character whom which this web series is revolving. Kshitija(Neena) as a Student who came to Bombay for further studies met with Vidhi(Shruti) who are already working in Bombay and introduce Neena to the Bombay’s lifestyle.

Gaurav Alugh is playing as Ex of Shruti, who dramatically broken up in the front of the whole office which landed Shruti to Mohit(Rahul). Rahul is a settled guy in Bombay living with his struggling friend Saad Chaudhary(Sudeep).

All this character fall in love and how their lives changed in the hustle bustle of the city. How the Peers and society are influencing their lives and the way they are dealing with it.

The other known cast is also there Shishir Sharma, Zeena Bhatia, Kshitija A Saxena, Karan Singhmar, Kanisha Malhotra, Gaurav Alugh, Sandeep Kapoor, Preeti Jain, Prem Nath Gulati, Sharmila Goenka, Nitish Kapoor, Neeti Shukla, Coral Bhamra, Jay Bodas, Saurabh Sharma, Zeena Bhatia, Ashish Wadde & Shiva Varma

Till Now, 4 Episodes are successfully streaming on YouTube. The episodes are getting the tremendous response, till now they got 200K+ hits on YouTube.

Saad Chaudhary
Voodly had a chit-chat with the Gaurav Panjwani, Writer-editor, and Director of Bombae.
What do you want to Convey from the Title “Bombae”? What was running in your mind?

After loads of brainstorming, we stumbled across the Title “Bombae.” Gaurav Albaugh, who is also acting in the series first suggested that title. Gaurav Alugh also is an Ex Roadies Contestant. “Bombae” somewhere representing the today’s Instagram generation as they use #bae for their girlfriend and boyfriend. Basically, it is a sarcastic title for the relationship these days.

One of the Dialogue said Bombay is the safest city for women in the country. What do you think about it?

This is right. It is also a perception of these people, which is fair enough. People do not have time here for all these things. This could also be a reason. Yes, we have shown this perception through our series, promoting it is not our primary goal. The one who is already talking has been told to turn it around.

The story has a scene where a person alleges women to be a Feminist? What is the real definition of Feminism for you?

Yes, The story somewhere hit the real problems of the today’s society. A character in a scene said, If a man accuses a woman then she can file a complaint about that person, but if the same thing woman does, there is no law for it. In my opinion, Feminism should be equal rights for man and woman in the sense of Equal pay, time, opportunities and justice.

Another scene in the series in which one man denied that this is not a male-dominated society. What would you say about this?

In some cases, feminism has happened so much that it has become a feminazi. This has happened so much later that the man has started to be hated which is not correct. If you are a girl, then you should be loved, and if you are a boy, then you should be cursed. It should not be so; I am against it.

How many episodes are about to come? Any plans for the next web series?

Bombae will have four episodes already launched. You can go and watch on Balcony Ticket originals official channel. We are planning for the Season 2 of Bombae which will be released in January 2019.



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