For The Sake Of Love

The book is authored by Anamika Mishra a blogger and a motivational speaker, as her name depicts she is a trailblazer and a trendsetter, very vocal and outspoken with a blend of sweetness in her speech she is full of opinions and is not afraid to make her own either. Her latest fiction with an acute degree of realism has given a great idea about her inclination towards writing; she would be a great connoisseur in the sphere of writing and literary art in the time to come, who can put colours into a barren plot by her words and writing style.

Her beautiful creation “For The Sake Of Love” is no exception to her previous literary compositions where she has put up her thoughts in a best possible way, here the romantic tail very well expresses the love and gravitate  towards the way love has been idealized and portrayed, is imbued with sheer determination which knew no boundaries of age and went on a long quest through letters.

For The Sake Love

The story is about a character named David who falls in love with a girl named Jasmine and talks to her through a series of letters. He tries to convey his feelings through it, the encounter continues for some time and then breaks halfway for some unknown reason. But without losing hope, David tries to keep the contact intact and continues to write letters to her even if he didn’t get a reply.

The story revolves around four characters David, Jasmine, Twisha and Alex and two beautifully interwoven encounters that take place gradually in quite a long span. The novel starts with some of the letters written by David to Jasmine where he asks her how is she doing?

And wait for her, then comes Twisha in the picture, a young working girl who goes to Shimla with her friend Bobby on a tour and stays in an apartment where they find a bunch of letters which seemed quite attractive to them and they head in search of the person who had written those letters and finally met David the main character, where she meets Alex, the son of David, goes on an unofficial date and falls for him in the whole process.

They together help David to find his Jasmine and came to know the entire truth that why Jasmine didn’t reply and where she has been all these years and finally found that now David can never meet her Jasmine as she had left him forever and had finally taken leave from here for her heavenly abode where she can find peace.

The story is a beautiful concoction of spontaneous thoughts circumventing two parallel encounters which also raises a substantial question as to how long a person should wait for the ones whom they love?

With this question there is a significant message of sincere efforts and sheer determination for their ideas and actions directed towards the same as it gives them extreme courage, hope and strength to move ahead for their loved ones and hold on to them, true love waits until it reaches out to the ones it deserves and it can never lose its charm and depends with each day that passes.

This story is a test to true love and the degree of patience one can keep for their idea of love no matter what comes in their way because what matters, in the end, are the lessons one learn in the journey.

It is a great fusion of modern and a traditional approach to love along with different characters like the one of Twisha a young girl who can easily relate to the youth and the chaos of modern life and their idea of seeking peace and pleasure, how a girl like her who has no time for love goes on a trip and finds her love there. It has a number of elements which makes it very engaging to the readers and a beautiful gift for the romantics at heart.

The story plot is easy to comprehend and a great way to connect with the readers as the language used to express the ideas and describe the ocean of thoughts was frank with a mild content successful at keeping a nice hold on the audiences. Although the story didn’t end on an optimistic note it was emotionally satisfying, and readers could connect to the erupting volcano of emotions for the main character. Nicely written with all the elements as how coincidences occur giving clues to connect the dots heading towards completion of something critical meeting the twin criteria regarding the demand of the story.

This novel takes you on a brilliant journey of unconditional love which revives your lost hope on love and affection teaching you patience, determination and a big heart to love and receive love. This burgeoning piece of writing can be a great start for the beginners who would like to take delight in the romantic fiction and enjoy the tremendous journey that love takes on because in the end “True Love Always Triumphs.”


For The Sake Of Love
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  1. This sounds like an amazing book. Who doesn’t love a good love story. I also like questions posed about how long should you wait for someone. Your review is very detailed without giving away too many spoilers! Great review!


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