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Make My Mini

Laying The Foundation Of MAKE MY MINI.

Here is the unsung saga with an epic journey of an engineering graduate hailing from Indore Mr. Yogendra Bagora who’s sheer determination and a strong inclination towards experimenting made his way to the world...
women's day

How To Celebrate Women’s Day In a Simplest Way?

God Created two genders equally to regulate this world smoothly. But we human never understand this beautiful creation of God. Being a woman is tough, but yet elegant too. International Women's Day is not just about talk...
For The Sake Of Love

For The Sake Of Love – Love that delves inside your heart forever.

The book is authored by Anamika Mishra a blogger and a motivational speaker, as her name depicts she is a trailblazer and a trendsetter, very vocal and outspoken with a blend of sweetness in...
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