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Women are no less than men! Few names like Chetna Vasishth have very well proved this. Chetna is educationist by profession. She started her career as a corporate banker and worked for about 10 years in the same but decided to leave the banking field to bring up her baby boy. Chetna is an MBA graduate from XLRI. She has taught at top business schools like IIM(Bangalore), NMIMS, IIPM etc and her entrepreneurial journey began with a training firm, which provided a platform for those aspirants who wanted to make their career in the field of banking. Chetna Vasishth worked for ten years in this field. Her firm trained the aspirants within the country as well as outside the country. While working in the educational field for ten years, Chetna found that a huge number of students are in a dilemma before selecting the right career. So, why not to help them out from the start of their career. In 2015, she started an online career-oriented talk show “ChetChat” where students can ask their problems related to their career directly with the experts.

ChetChat is a YouTube channel, with over 170 videos, which are free for everyone. Chetna’s main motto behind starting this digital Talk show was to give the right suggestion to those youngsters who find difficulty in choosing their right career. She has conducted 170 video interviews with experts, CEO’s, students, celebrities and many ones that are more renowned. ChetChat is the largest online educational talk show in the country with over 55,000 subscribers and almost 3 million views.

Let us have a look on the interview of Chetna Vasishth with one of our reporter.

What was your main motto behind starting ChetChat?

Being in the education sector for 10 years, I became acutely aware of the significant problems of the students at ground level. Meanwhile, I built good relationships with many founders of ventures, educationists, celebrities, CEO’s etc. I wanted to utilize my network in order to provide free videos to the from all around the world. Soon my idea worked, and I was able to connect to some of the popular names of their fields.

chetna vasishth
Chetna Vasishth with Terrence Lewis

Being a female your journey till now must not be easy. Can you please throw light on your journey till date and how much you are successful in getting to make your dream come true?

If you are going to do something good for the society, then you have to face a number of challenges. Your journey is never as easy as you think. The same happens to me. When I started ChetChat, I had only the idea. I was not clear about how to begin. We had only one camera, no light and mic and we had no idea about how to increase the reach of our videos to the audience. But still, I was determined that I would never give up. We did not have professionals to edit the videos neither a  proper studio for recording the videos. We chose to record in the natural light since we didn’t even have lights at that stage. It was very challenging for us because we were stuck in traffic and crow sounds.

Our team worked hard in learning the craft as we invested in buying equipment and attended workshops to learn the skills. We spent a lot of time researching so that we could provide authentic information to the students.

You have been recently covered in many newspapers and magazines. How do you feel when people praise you at this level?

I am very thankful for encouraging me. This increases my energy and motivates me to contribute more in this field. I believe that I still have a long way to go.


It is very important to follow your vision to get success. How far do you have achieved as per your vision?

I have to cross miles and miles before I stop working. ChetChat has now become the largest talk show in the career space, but I am not going to stop here. I want to make it No 1 talk show in the world. I am also looking to start discussing other relevant topics too. My family and friends have always supported me, which helps me more to stick firmly on my goals.

Who has been the biggest source of inspiration for you?

It is very difficult for me to point a single person who has been a source of my inspiration. I try to learn from every person I meet. However, I am inspired by two people. First one is my son, who taught me how to keep learning, how to remain on your terms etc. The second one is the Oprah Winfrey for the way she lived her life and helped others despite a number of challenges.

Chetna Vasishth

The biggest support in my life is my husband. He always motivated me and believed in me more than I believe myself. Whenever I thought like giving up, he encouraged me and my energy level gets doubled. His words bring me back.

Can you give some tips to budding entrepreneurs?

Everyone has his parameters of measuring success. I find four important things for success.

  • Patience is the key to success. Despite of many ups n downs, your patience can make your dream come true.
  • Enjoy ups n downs despite of the challenges you are facing. Entrepreneurship is a passion. You have to go through a number of ups n downs in the complete journey.
  • Make your decision as per your goals. Whenever you are in dilemma of picking up the right decision, think about your goals.
  • Passion and commitment are very important for getting success.
Your YouTube channel has more than 50 Thousand subscribers. What marketing strategy did you follow to achieve such a huge subscriber?

I follow some of the following ways in order to increase the subscribers:-

  • Consistency is very important. To maintain consistency, I always upload videos on Friday.
  • Promoting on different social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. is very important to reach to the right audience. I personally answer their every question.
  • Finding the right way to reach your target customers. I tried to connect them to college forums and through chat rooms.
  • Personal connection and word of mouth play a vital role in spreading what your venture does and how it is important. I try to answer every question that comes to either through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or through email.
  • It is also important to serve products and services keeping in mind your target customers. I used to make the videos keeping in mind the viewer’s interest.
  • Finding the present trends and themes.
What message do you want to give to other female entrepreneurs who want to be successful like you?

I would like to say that they must believe in themselves and must utilize their strength correctly. The first step is to believe in yourself, in your abilities and in your idea.  I would ask them to take small and confident steps every day and they will achieve their dream.

What according to you do women in our society face the challenges?

Women give equal importance to their career as well as their family and hence, they try to balance everything in her life. Here, comes the challenges with them. They have to balance everything equally which men do not have to. Hence, the internal conflict lies within them.

Where do you want to see ChetChat in next 5 years?

I want to see ChetChat as the largest talk show across all platforms. I also want to take different career options under one umbrella so that every student believes that ChetChat has all the answers they were looking for.

What is the single mantra which you would like to give to the budding entrepreneurs?

I would like to say only one thing to them. Learn from your failures. As an entrepreneur, we encounter small failures now and then. Just focus on the learning and keep moving. It takes huge motivation to keep going so don’t drive by looking in the rear view mirror.


What would you advise our youngsters before selecting their career?

I recently delivered a TEDx talk at AFMC Pune called ‘ How to future-proof your career’. In that, I have advised students to remain flexible, develop on their passions even if it is not their main specialisation and keep learning. I have spoken of how two specialisations, preferably one left brained and one right brained will help us remain agile and flexible in the future which is going to be very fluid and dynamic.


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