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Sammy Sosa Restaurant
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Sammy Sosa restaurant

Remember those days you sat on the mezzanine floor with your friends and shared a drink or the day you finally dared to ask her out and went on your first date? Take a trip down memory lane as decade-old Sammy Sosa in Oshiwara re-opens its doors to people this time with a new health-conscious food menu and extensive 45 beer menu.

The beer menu lets you guzzle down beers from England, Germany, Japan, Australia, Belgium and China. Among these are famous beers you always wanted but never got a chance to try like, Tsingtao, a Chinese beer, made by Europeans in the 20th Century and right now holds 2.8 percent of the global beer market.

The new food is as Mexican as anything can get but it now comes infused with vegan and gluten-free options for health-conscious folks. What a must try on this menu is the Mango Tequila soy, which is made with chunks of grilled soy, tossed in dry red chillies, tomatoes, garlic, lime and fresh slices of raw mango. 

Apart from the new dishes, Sammy Sosa has revived old classics like their Quesadillas, Nachos, Tacos and their all-time favourite salsa sauces. To keep the authenticity and the Mexican vibe, Sammy Sosa brings to the city for the first time Micheladas, a spicy beer based Mexican cocktail that will leave your taste buds surprised and well, it is beer so that you will be asking for more.

When it comes to the new interiors, the new Sammy Sosa comes with a rustic theme. The walls are grey with an unfinished look and feel. If you’ve seen the movie ‘Coco’ you will quickly relate to the painted skulls hung on the walls; these skulls pick inspiration directly from the Mexican festival, Día de Los Muertos. The folks from Sammy Sosa have lined the walls with neon paintings and Mexican glow signs.  The restaurant is filled with photogenic spots that will make sure your Instagram is lit when you’re with your friends and family at Sammy Sosa.

Sammy Sosa New Menu Quick Look!!



2Godzilla Garlic

Godzilla Garlic

3Mexi Skin

Mexi Skin

4Mexican Carvan

Mexican Carvan





7Spinach Mommy’s Choice

Spinach Mommy’s Choice

So head down and book yourself a table!


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