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did you get this wakeup call?

We all might have read about the universe in our school time. But, the universe is not just about planets and solar system. And the other side of the universe is that we usually have heard from grandparents or seen in movies and it’s about the signals of the universe.

Sounds interesting, Isn’t it?

If you are a person who believes in God, intuitions, angels, the universe and its messages then this post is surely for you.

Today I am going to tell you about numbers and the universe and how they can change your life in a way you might have never noticed before?

Okay, before stepping to the main article. Just think about this before.
You think of something and swoosh!!!! Your thought came true…..And you wonder how it has happened.

Now you wish that it would have been better if you have thought about something more valuable.
Don’t worry, you will get plenty of chances and next time you can ask for the things which are actually worthy for you. You just need to pay some attention to your watch or clock. What does it tell you?

And accordingly, you can connect with the universe by following the pattern that has a encoded message for you.

You might feel like your head is screwing.Fine, Let’s come to point.

According to numerology, vibrations are associated with every number. Thus, in other words we can say that these vibrations communicates with us in form of  numbers. These vibrations have mysterious and relative connections with events and actions happening in your life.

So, next time when you see following given numbers anywhere, take it as message by angels of this universe. They might be trying to talk to you by flashing these numbers.

“Pay attention carefully as this might be your wakeup call.”

In general, repeating numbers are considered as angelic numbers like 111,222,333,444,555,666,777,888,999.

Other repeating numbers that fall into this category are usually pair of repeating numbers like 1122, 1221, 1100, 1000, 1001, etc.

There is more type to these mysterious numbers i.e sequential-123, 1234, 567, etc and some are non-sequential – 101,809,911,515 etc.

In this post, I am going to cover repeating angelic  numbers.
You might be thinking what crucial messages are behind these numbers? Hold on!! Wait is over, they are below –

111- Attention Number-
When you see this number, you need to pay attention to your re-occurring thoughts. This is a strong number, and it encourages you to listen to your heart, it will show you the path you are looking for so long. So be careful.

222- Confirmation Number-
As the name suggests, this number gives you confirmation that you are on right path. When you are in doubt and see this number then it means angels are assuring the confirmation you need to decide on something. Be positive and take your steps to complete your task.

333- Answer Number-
With this number your angels want to convey that all your prayers are listened and now it’s time to get answers for your requests. Now time has come for fruitful results, and all your sufferings are about to end. You need to keep a positive attitude and focus on what you want in your life.

444- Helping Hand-
When you see this number in difficult time, then it means that angels are trying to convey that they are always there to help you when you need them. Just ask them for favor, and they will be there for you.

555- Transition Number-
Usually, you will notice this number when you are going through some changes or transitions. This gives us message to remain calm in the process and believe in the timings of the universe. It tells us that everything is happening for something good and new opportunities will come to your way.

666- Balance Number-
Balance number is trying to say that this is crucial time for you and at this time there is need to maintain a balance. Don’t let anything set you off balance no matter how harder the situation is. Just believe that things will settle down at it’s best by maintaining balance.

777- Spirtual Number-
This number catches your attention when you are on spiritual growth. With this number angel are encouraging you to develop your inner strength. You are assured that steps you are taking will improve your life definitely.

888- Abundance Number-
This number brings many things in your life in abundance. You need to open your heart and welcome the blessings in abundance from your angels. Don’t forget to be thankful to your angels for your prayers to be answered and getting bundles of good things surrounding you.

999- Cyclic Number-
This number tells us that our life is a cycle of events. Many things come and go to complete this cycle, and it will keep going. You need to be strong in the unpleasing situations; this is all happening to get you into a better place than before. Remember, when something ends, it brings new beginnings with it.

Now, you might get the idea of wakeup call and how angels and the universe connects through numbers to convey important messages. Next time, when you see any angelic number just remember that it is a call for you to connect with this universe and try to understand the hidden information behind it.


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