Dr. Vahini Reddy: Conquering Life From Domestic Violence To Ruling The Business World.

    Dr Vahini Reddy


    Conquering the business world for a woman is tough yet if she has to start it after marriage. But What if, if she went through some injustice of life and apart of it she became a successful women entrepreneur.

    With her Hard work and determination, Dr. Vahini Reddy – Founder & Director of Evolve Excellence Pvt Ltd. and Chairman of VR Oneness Foundation® has made this impossible possible. Dr. Vahini Reddy is a self-made woman who has faced several injustices in life. She has been a victim of domestic violence and was married at a very early stage. She overcame all those problems and freed herself from the abuse and started her life once again as a single mother. After knowing her journey, one can understand that she was and is a person of integrity and fights for justice. Today this successful entrepreneur is one of the top 25 influential women in Indian business venture market.

    It has been measured that the business landscape was a man’s world. But time has changed massively for the last few decades. Today, women are carrying more and more power on both sides of the business deal. Women are not just impacting the market; but actually, they are the industry.

    Dr. Vahini Reddy
    Dr. Vahini Reddy

    In other words, women have been the industry for a while now, yet many professionals have not taken action on this huge opportunity. Probably, few women personalities have been doing such a fantastic job in the various field, but the media’s bodies are not targeting them.

    Voodly recognizes one of the most significant women in India whose life journey is being written as a Motivational story to encourage women and youngsters, who have shown a fantastic change in the Indian business landscape. Dr. Vahini Reddy, Founder & Director – Evolve Excellence Pvt.Ltd is a familiar face in the Indian business world.

    Some of the first pictures that come to mind when we think of women are housewives, food maker, laundry doer, and the taking care of children. There is nothing incorrect with these positions, and is much valued by people, but is it wrong to think women can do more than just their roles at home?

    Vahini has shown well that women are doing a fantastic job in all different parts of the community. She has been working for the company which offers Executive Search, Organizational Development Training for Manufacturing, IT and Student and Faculty Development Programmes for Educational sectors, Leadership Mentoring Programmes for MSME’s and GET Balanced to STAY BALANCE standalone certification programme acknowledged by California Institute and obtained an Honorary Doctorate for
    the research on Human Behavior and Metaphysical Influences to practice Individual Human Behavior Balance to craft a modern lifestyle. Dr. Vahini is also an international certified Business Psychotherapist and a certified Responsible Parenting Instructor.
    Dr. Vahini has led different groups of professionals in training and learning, design involvement, and assisted training programs in IT, ITES and Non- IT areas.

    She has a possible encounter with coaching different social & age groups. She trained puberty students on Life skills, major on Sex issues, Success stories and Success Planning. And she was a member of a professional board to find the leading causes of the downsides to providing personal guidance in the business industry.

    Dr. Vahini has completed mergers, acquisition, and downsizing and maintaining the dedicated and capable human capital. She is enthusiastic about challenging projects and is competent with Operation & Business Strategies that turn the table around. Dr. Vahini left the corporate world after working as Vice President HR to an Australian to start up as an Entrepreneur. She feels satisfied in helping pupil change the perceptions of the new generation. Her experience is in Organization Development in cultivating the features of an effective Leadership can modify the culture and create the business concentrated on employee firm engagement for efficiency and successful goals.

    She has received one of the most prestigious Global award “Karmaveera Chakra” twice with REX Global Fellowship – 2014 – 2015 Bronze & 2015 – 2016 Silver Chakra – Delhi for building “SakShamMaa” supporting single mothers and their children with an aim to make the experience a brand new world with the sustainable life that can bring back their dignity and inspire their children to create a better world by becoming resourceful to themselves and an asset to nation.

    Dr. Vahini Reddy has worked in business as HR for 11 years and 13 years in human behavior and leadership development training. Her passion and interest are in directing and creating human potential through training and mentoring to support individuals and organizations prosper and progress even during excessive stress and challenges while at the same time to be a source of positivism and motivation for the community and co-workers around. Her vision is to build shelter homes for single mothers & their kids and get them to self-sufficient and maintainable.

    Laid the foundation of Evolve Excellence Pvt Ltd.

    Dr. Vahini Reddy started her company with zero monetary investment, experienced up and downs in her business but she made her blue ocean in the marketplace. As she is known for her wisdom on organization building and human behavior analysis with crisp interventions.

    What is surprising is that Dr. Vahini does all of this without taking any donations. She runs her organization called Evolve Excellence HR Services Pvt. Ltd. which is acts as progress partners to organizations by revamping subsided organizations, provide end to end services in organization culture change, executive search along with Leadership & Behavior training. Evolve Excellence HR Services Pvt. Ltd. also provides services such as the psychometric test for schools and college students, train them on confidence building, personality makeover and they focus on building competencies in human capital based on 2020 market analysis. Today they have clients from Delhi, Ahmedabad, Rajasthan, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Qatar, Malaysia, Europe and now the USA.

    A little misconception or misinterpretations can damage long-term bonding and internal trust in companies. Such complications at the office can impact on unity and effective results. One of the workplace problems that leaders face is effectively interacting and managing with workers. It could happen because of backgrounds, experiences, expectations, and views. Employees can understand information from management and supervisors in a different way where the context could be modified, leading to misunderstandings and issue.


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