Exhausted from looking the same way all over again? , thinking to revamp your look?

Don’t know where to start!!… Clothes? Shoe? Hair?Or Jewelry? , isn’t it the best way that we start from is our ears!!!

YES! I’m talking about The Earrings, our day to day need!
Leaving the house with bare ears! NO NO NO!!!! What’s going on in your mind!
Don’t have anything for the ear to wear at work, for a get-together, for going shopping, friend’s wedding, or the cocktail party? Or

Fed up with that bulky luggage on your ears! Oh damn so damn annoying, must be out on your hand probably on the table by now
So Let’s begin and give little relief to your ears!

The Afghani Chic:

Afghani Chic

Not too heavy at all, day to day wear, easy to go with Indian wear or with tees or tops with the meenakari work on German silver finish with ghungroo, peacock blue color floral work, recommended advice, will look good with a white top and blue jeans

The Authentic Indian:

Earrings, Voodly
Authentic Indian

Great to go with Indian occasions. These Garland Shaped Earrings With Topaz Colored Crystals On Antique Rose Gold Finish.

The Hoop Style:

Hoop style

Easy to go with formals and informal. Will look elegant and simple in a meeting or if you are up for a part!

The Metallic Work

Earrings Voodly
Metallic Work Eardrop

Party mood? Black, always black? go for metallic instead. This ear pair is with floral jail work done on it, which will enhance your look!

The Stone Earring

The Stone

Best works for informal occasions, ethnic look! sizzling!

The Bahubali Design

Bahubali Earrings

Crazy about ‘kattappa ne bahubali ko kyu marra. Well, we all got to know that in a second part of the movie but did u notice the what Devasena was wearing in her ears, A must have the earring in your jewelry box! The work on the earring will definitely grab attention in one look.

Last but never the last


The studs: never ever to leave the side ear pair that looks so elegant whether it be in diamond, gold, silver, brass, pearl or gemstone. You will outshine always with that warm smile on your face when you look in the mirror standing beside your beloved once .memory that last forever is n’t?

Don’t leave your ears empty when you leave for work or for a party or for friends get together , keep that extra pair of studs or hoops for the emergency  , must be wondering where to get all these, am I right? , worry not! and get your cart ready and go check out the wide range of what I have just mentioned above at Fascraft, a place where you get the affordable with optimum quality of jewelries at your door step !


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