5 Effective Ways To Improve Your English.

Effective ways to improve your english

English is a most widely used language around the world. This is a language that is most commonly used by approximately 400 million people and is important in aspect as it’s the language of the internet too. The maximum number of websites on the internet are written in this language.

Learning English can open new opportunities for your career, helps you in improving self-confidence as you can interact smartly. And most importantly it gives you satisfaction that you know this language.

Many of you might think it is difficult to be a good learner of the English language but let me tell you that it is not true. English is the easiest and quickest language you can learn in a couple of weeks.

Here are, 5 easy ways to learn English like a native speaker


Think English:

When you have finally decided to learn this language and be pro, then let’s think of English as your admiring crush.

Don’t laugh I am not joking, As you think about your crush all the time. Similarly, think about English all the time. It should be your obsession until you master it. Think about sentences in your mother tongue and then think what would be its translation.

By this way, your brain engages with this language. And, it is a scientific fact that the more your brain engages in some activity, more sharply it acquires it.

With this practice, you are just trying to make your brain familiar with English.

Remember, the ease of learning is directly proportional to its familiarity with it.

Listen to English songs:

Okay, you have started thinking about English. But to get 100 per cent results of your efforts, you need to do one more thing.

Listen to English Songs, and they will help you to improve fluency and translation. With this practice, it will be easy to understand English easily like you understand your mother tongue.

When learning any language, it’s really important to understand it correctly without making extra efforts.

This is what you can get by listening to English songs. Don’t be worried if you can’t understand a song in the first time.

Listen to it again, or you can also take help of the internet as a beginner by searching for lyrics and singing along.

It will be fun, believe me.

So from now onwards say” Ooh nana, what’s my name?
Ooh nana, what’s my name?”

Improve your Vocabulary:

Third effective way to get proficiency in English is via improving your vocabulary. Vocabulary plays an essential role in this language. You should know which words to use and where to use them.

For, this you need to become an active reader. Great source for learning new words are reading newspapers, magazines, books, etc.

You need to note down the words that you find difficult, then search for their meaning. After this, try to make 4-5 sentences so that you can remember the word quickly and along with it you can also learn how to use it in proper places?

Don’t use shortcuts:

Take this step very seriously. Avoid using slang terms or alternatives to sentences while chatting or speaking English.

For example, Instead of saying “wht’s gng ?”.Use complete sentences like-“What was going?”etc.

You will get two main benefits from this –

  1. Your writing (means spellings will improve).
  2. You will start making correct sentences (because you can figure out your mistakes and work on them).

If you want to be a native speaker of English, then you need to work hard on little things really. For this, you need to Practice! Practice! Practice! Regularly, to acquire it as your own language. Solve exercises daily, Listen to songs, learn new words, work on your weak points. These all things need consistency and patience. But once you devoted your time and efforts, you can become skilled in the English language.

After all, you know this well “Practice makes a man perfect”.


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