This Indore Based Startup Fixing Your Vehicles On the Spot In Minutes.

    online Vehicle Repair services.

    It often happens with us, on the way, the car gets spoiled. And then the trouble starts to find a mechanic which is usually very distant, and we have to go own, and the mechanic has to bring. Often, we try to find Car repair near me on the Internet, but still, you need to go to the mechanic’s place.
    Kapil Agarwal – Founder and CEO

    What if the mechanic came running himself to repair your car? Here is a Millennial Mr. Kapil Agrawal who is solving your problem “Fatafat.” on the fingertips. Kapil started his online vehicle repair services in Indore with which helps you to repair your vehicle anywhere with just one call.

    Here’s a Glimpse of Chat with Kapil Agrawal

    Laid the Foundation of
    car breakdown service – One stop online vehicle repair services

    Kapil realizes He should do a startup when he was in BBA’s 2nd Semester in 2016. He was on the way to his college on the bike; suddenly the bike got punctured. He was looking here and there for bike repair shops, but found nothing and arrived late for the exams.

    This event gave him a thought to find for a solution to eradicate this sudden on road problems by providing emergency roadside assistance like Puncture repairing, Emergency fuel, Engine services and many more.

    Online bike repair services

    And, This incident gives birth to – A one-stop solutions for online bike service, repairs, and maintenance in Indore. Kapil and his team started to plan this startup throughout the first week of February and the operation launched in May. Today, Fatafatcare has a team of local puncture mechanics, service centers and potential technical support. Right now we function via calls and WhatsApp.

    Problem Faced:

    Kapil said, “We initially wanted to focus on providing services to the preferred target group who are usually in a hurry and run out of time. These comprised of people like students, working-class people, business class people, etc.” Initially, we face a lot of problems in reaching out to the right customers and delivering services in the lack of resources.

    Every business needs to do a market analysis to evaluate where does the brand stand. We observed, no competitor provides emergency services for tyre punctures in less than 20-25 minutes at present. Therefore, we also realize it as a significant Opportunity in Indore.

    Services Delivered:

    Fatafatcare has the vision to expedite and simplify vehicle services, repairs, and maintenance. Kapil said, “Our mission is to, empower people with an affordable, convenient and transparent approach.” We don’t believe in negotiations and; We provide professional mechanics, perform trips to the service center, and services at fatafatcare. Your wheels get the best service it deserves. services include

    • General assistance,
    • Steam wash,
    • Engine works,
    • Emergency Vehicle breakdown,
    • Disk plate replacement,
    • Wheel and Fork bend,
    • Fork and Chain sprocket replacement.
    • Emergency Fuel.

    With this, 24X7 Personal Roadside Assistant At Your Doorstep, you don’t need to run to the garage. A mechanic will arrive at your doorstep.

    All you need is to schedule your appointment via phone call and WhatsApp, contact details available on the website. Just, Book your service on call or WhatsApp, a fatafatcare person will come to you and pick your Vehicle after servicing also delivered to your home.

    Planning to expand Pan India:

    Currently, we are operating in Indore, but we want to serve Pan India. We are trying our best to help people and facilitate them with the best in online vehicle repair services. We are planning soon to expand in 2 and 3 tier cities. It feels great when people appreciate us, and it gives us the motivation to deliver the best and quality services.




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