Jewelry.. Every woman loves to wear jewelry. The makeup remains incomplete without a piece of stylish jewelry.

Mostly it is the fantastic custom to enhance beauty. Diamond, solitaire, semi-precious stones and platinum jewelry have left behind in the fashion domain. “Recycled Jewelry” replacing traditional jewelry these days.

Recycled Jewelry is a new trend among fashion disciple as it gives an earthy and different look. According to its name, this unusual jewelry made of old and broken things. Add up this latest fashion trend in your lookbook. The best thing about Recycled Jewellery is that you can design it by yourself with waste materials available at your home. This DIY jewelry is the best option to gift your bestie. This Recycled Jewelry can add the essence of love and bonding between you and your best friend. It will make you instantly spotty among your community. These days people like to appear distinctive rather than precious.

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1. A Chained Bracelet

Image result for recycled jewellery
Image Source

2. Paper Earrings:

Image result for recycled jewellery
Image Source

3. Paper and Cardboard Neckpiece:

Paper & Cardboard Jewelry More
Image Source

4. Plastic Bottle Jewelry:

Recycled Jewelry

5. Denim Earrings

Gift for Best friend
Image Source

6. Watch Pendants

Gift for bestie.

7. Belt Buckle Necklace

Chunky Leather NecklaceWestern Belt Buckle by ClothesHorseStudio, $38.00
Image Source

8. Recycled Rubber Necklace

Recycled rubber

9. Favorite Bottle Caps Necklace

Upcycle Bottle Caps Earrings
Image Source

10. Recycled Forks Jewelry Bracelet

Related image


11. Resistors Neckchains

Resistors necklace in jewelry electronics accessories with Recycled Necklace Jewelry Electronics & E Waste

12. Colored Pencil Neckpiece:

Related image

13. Soda Tab Earrings

UPcycled tab earings

14. Painted Bobby Pin Hairpins

Recycled jewellery
Image Source

15. Gear Dangle Earrings

Steampunk Gear Earring
Image Source
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