Recently released Simran on 15th September, starring Kangana Ranaut who was directed by Hansal Mehta, had mixed reactions of the audience after such speculation that Hansal Mehta left the microblogging site Twitter but the filmmaker clarified that he is still active on his account.

The way the Simran movie was promoted, it was convinced that the film would prove to be a hit. But Simran’s magic did not go much on the critics nor did it to the general public.

It was being said that Hansal Mehta had said goodbye to Twitter due to the availability of ‘average’ response to ‘Simran’. But Hansal Mehta tweeted on Tuesday and aired all the speculations: “Where many people were speculating that I am going to delete my Twitter account, let them know I am here.”

Simran’s promotion in the film world has gone through the explosive statements given by Kangana Ranaut to her personal life. During the release of the movie, it was simple to target Bollywood celebrities Hrithik Roshan and Karan Johar in interviews. After which many people supported Kangana, and many people told this method (Simran) a way of promotion.

The kind of hype that was in the film, ‘Simran’ could not perform such kind of performance at the box office. Anyway, the full focus of Kangana Ranaut before film release was less on Simran and more on the controversy. She did not say much about the movie as much as he had a focus on controversial statements. Anyway, the controversy started after the poster launch of ‘Simran’. Writer Apurva Asrani had expressed objection to Kangana Ranaut as a co-writer in the poster. In this way, during the movie promotion, Simran’s mention did not come anywhere.



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