Listening Music

We all know what music is and everyone’s choices of music are different, but in one line, we can define it as “Music is the voice of the soul.”

Music expresses our feelings which we can’t put into words and at the same time can’t remain in silence too. We tend to listen to music in almost every situation like when we’re happy or sad, when we feel lonely or when we miss someone. Sometimes music is the only and perfect medicine the heart and soul needs most.

Evolution of Music Players:

Listening to Music has changed drastically over the period, but our love and passion for it never decreased. If you are from the early 90’s, we must have listened to music from Audio Cassettes, The Walkman, CD Player. But the iPod made digital music significantly more popular which was released in 2001 and it made music to reach every corner of the world. All thanks to Steve Jobs for providing us revolutionary music player device. But now it is the era of smartphones; even we have online music streaming platforms like Gaana, Saavan, Spotify, iTunes, etc. to name a few which has enabled users to stream and listen music without having to download the songs.

Music is like Rain, almost everyone likes it.

This always has been the case forever. Ever since various cultures started to form, there has always been a place for the rhythmic sounds that can communicate our feelings. In every age & civilization this particular form of expression has existed and in so many varied styles.

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Everyone has their favorite song, and there is always an untold story behind it. So, if you wanna know someone better, you must listen to their favorite music, because people usually listen to music which has lyrics related to their life story. In music, we find a place where our overwhelming emotions can overflow freely without harming anyone. On other occasions, we get together to dance & we let the rhythm of the music lead us. At other times we listen to music to reassure us, or maybe to study or to help us work. But how does the influence of music affect our minds?

Musical notes also can help us to relax, build focus, better concentration. This is achieved by genres that have more regular, slower rhythms and with a lower volume. Some pieces of classical or instrumental music and even light can help to reassure us. They are even used in places where radiotherapy or aggressive medical treatments are being carried out.

Science has been able to establish that the musical rhythms stimulate different areas of the brain. In fact, research from the University of Florida suggests that musical rhythms offer more brain activation than any other known stimulus.

Music’s Role in Modern Daily Life:

There is every genre song for all type of situations. When extremely happy we tend to listen happy, cheerful songs. For fitness, exercise there are workout category songs available in everyone’s playlist. There are songs for partying, wedding, birthday and other events. My personal favorite’s ones are the slow songs which help me to forget all the pain, tiredness of the day and helps me to fall in sleep slowly. What more you need in this modern world if you can have a peaceful sleep by listening to your favorite music.

These are the main positive effects of the influence of music:
  • It strengthens learning and memory.
  • It regulates hormones related to stress.
  • Pleasant experiences and memories are evoked.
  • It affects the heartbeat, blood pressure, and pulse.
  • It modulates the speed of our brain waves.

Scientists have also proved that good music strengthens the immune system, thus making us healthier. There’s a reason behind the fact that plants flourish more when there is background music. The key is to find the rhythm that can benefit us in any given situation. In this way, the influence of music can be a real positive influence on our lives.

To sum up, music is the best way to describe feelings. “Where Words Fail, Music Speaks.

Comment your favorite experiences of listening to music or how it made an impact in your daily life.


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