Do you have a closet full of clothes? You have so many clothes yet you can’t decide what you have to wear? Having lots of clothes, but can’t define your own personal style standard.

Don’t worry, I am also one of you. So I will tell you what I have done to find my style.

First of all, narrow down your style interest. Bifurcate those clothes which make you feel good. And follow these steps:

  • Find out your style inspiration:

Your sense of style is defined by your interest, lifestyle, and clothing. Make a list of clothes you like to wear on weekends like baggy sweats and tennis, yoga pants and a tee, Jeans and a tank top or whatever. Take a look at what your favourite bag either it is Tote bags, cross body bags, Classic leather satchel. What type of jewellery you wear bracelets, wristwatch, diamond earrings or bangles.

What kind of shoes you would like to wear, is that flip-flops, sneakers, Ballet flats or sky-high platforms.

What’s your hairstyle? What’s your everyday makeup routine, do you like to wear lip gloss only or sunscreen, lip balm, and little eyeliner or whatever. Just find out what you like overall when you go out on different occasions.

It will help to make a proper outline to find your exact personal style.

Types of Fashion Styles


  • Put a label on it:

Stand in front of your closet to analyze it. Look at the brands you use to wear. Put on labels on it that how current you are wearing them and how you need to change them.

How you feel after wearing them? Are they ladylike, modern, edgy, bohemian or classic? Settle on a handful of words which you feel right for your style, list them for future reference as they help you to define your look.

What colours do you like to wear much? Orange, Green, Yellow, Red, Black or whatever.

What people describe you when you wear your favourite dress? Like You are hot, sweet. Pretty etc.

Labelling your clothes helps you to find what you usually like to wear that does you mostly wear Leather jacket dress in tight dress or Shirt, skinny jeans, and any shoes.

What season do you like most? As I like summer, then I defined my style accordingly. I buy clothes by keeping it in mind.


  • Understand your body:

This a most important step because we often ignore to understand our body. And, Unknowingly wear whatever even don’t realize whether it suits you or not.

Stand in front of the mirror. Don’t hustle, take enough time to analyze your body.

Are you curvy, Full bust, small bust, tall, short? Analyze and measure yourself properly.

  1. If you have a curvy body; try a wrap dress.

Look for a semi-fitted dress which highlights your waistline. Avoid high necklines and dress which are too fitted or too loose.

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2. If you have the Full bust, Try a shift dress.

Find a semi-fitted dress that has open necklines and nipped in waist. Avoid high, off-shoulder and boatneck blouse and styles with wide belts.

Avoid high, off-shoulder and boatneck blouse and styles with wide belts.

  • Avoid wearing clothes with upper pockets or neck pieces – anything that draws attention to the bust.
  • Avoid low or elaborate necklines. Keep it simple.
  • Stand collars and high necks work better for you.
  • Wear a stole or scarf whenever possible. It conceals the heavy bust.
  • Wear dark-coloured tops.
  • Avoid high-waisted trousers or skirts, as they emphasize the bust line.
  • If you wear sarees, they are a good option for you. It conceals and highlights at the same time. The diagonal drape of the Pallu helps both the problems.
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3. If you have a small bust, try a strapless dress, higher necklines or also try deep V-necks.

Style yourself in a strapless outfit, it will define your bust. You can be playful with different kind of necklines. Jumpsuits also look flawless with smaller busts.

  • Try higher necklines.
  • Highlight your arms.
  • Show off your back.
  • Define your waistline.
  • Play with texture.
  • Go oversize.
Define Your Waist
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4. If you are short, try a sheath dress.

  • Wear vertical or diagonal stripes.
  • Wear small prints, pin dots, gingham checks. No large patterns.
  • Vertical lines in the styling of your outfits, like a vertical centre panel, pintucks on tee shirts, princess-cut dresses and kurtas are all a good option.
  • Dress in Monochrome.
  • Wear heels.
  • Experiment with a hairstyle that adds a puff of an inch at the top.
  • Avoid Anarkali, as they create a horizontal cut visually, reducing the length.
  • Avoid high contrast combinations between the top and skirt/trousers.
  • Avoid contrasting or flashy belts, as they will emphasize the horizontal cut.
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5. If you have a long waist and short legs, Try a Line dress and use color to your advantage.

If you are women with short height and long torso, You have a lot of benefits to style yourself. There are some tricks through which you can create an illusion to look tall.

For Instance,

  • Match your shoes with your bottom wear.
  • Wear monochrome outfits.
  • Cover your legs with dark colours, it creates an illusion of long legs.
  • Purchase Vertical patterned dress.
  • Go for high waisted pants and skirt.
  • Buy a right pair of heels, Avoid heels with straps, try sharpened toe ballet flats.
Megan Fox
Megan Fox
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  • Find your signature style:

Observe yourself what you usually like to wear when you are in hurry. Everybody has a regular dressing style so observe what you like most to wear. You may find your personal style in it. Most of our favourite celebs have their signature styles. This can be your favourite rugged jeans, jewellery, a colour etc.

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  • Invest in what you repeat:

My closet is full of striped Tees and rugged blue jeans. Have you any? Find out what kind of dress you repeat. You buy these items because you love to wear them and you feel comfortable in them.

5. Take Note Of Repeat Offenders

  • Your clothing reflects what you are.

What kind of personality you have? Wha kind of nature you have. Your dressing reflects much about what kind of person you are. So analyze your personality too and find the style accordingly too.


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  • Conclusion:

Finding your personal style is not a big task. All you need to observe yourself keenly. Your style is within yourself. All you just need to show it off. Just taking care of little things can do wonders. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, you can style yourself better with whatever you already have. You just need to use your senses.

Actually, this is really fun exercise as you will meet yourself at the of this styling sessions.

You come to know what you exactly want and who you want to be. It’s not wanting to show somebody else, It’s all about only you.

It’s not about to find your correct body size, It’s an activity to find your self – confidence and Self – esteem.

You are beautiful as what you are, Styling not only makes you look good also feel you good.

Avoid trends, be comfortable in what you are feeling.

Last but not least, you must believe in yourself, and be determined to seek out the very best “individual” and “personal” fashion style that is all about you specifically.

What’s your personal style? How do you want to style yourself?

Share your comments to let us know.



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