Sexual Harassment Is Not The End OF Life.

Let's fight back against the social evil.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment or Rape is any sexual contact without consent.

Sexual Harassment is one of the major issue these days. The safety of human being and humanity is questionable. Do we lack self-control? Does human insanely become animal?

Sexual harassment or Rape leaves uncurable wounds on the soul of women. Today world is talking about women empowerment, but simultaneously the problem of sexual harassment is increasing. Do we think in what direction we are moving?

We need change our traditional conditioning; it’s a high time to break the old stereotypes beliefs and set up a foundation for new thought.

But I am here to talk about for the people who already gone through this non-persuadable trauma.

Life does not end after sexual harassment, but it takes a lot of time to get over from the trauma. It’s effortless to recommend to forget about it and start your new life. Victims of sexual assaults often try to hide their pain because they feel society will not trust them. Unfortunately, it is a hard truth.

The effect of sexual assault goes far beyond bodily injuries. After being raped or sexual harassment, the world does not seem to be a safe place. Everyone loses the confidence from the fact that even the women lose trust in their self. She doubts her decisions; she feels ashamed of herself, also she loses faith in her instinct.

But today I am trying to help you to get out of this unbearable wound:

  • Understand What Sexual Assault, Abuse Or Harassment Are:

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment is a sexual behavior forcefully wanted by another person. Often the harasser is someone who is at superior authority from you or someone you know or a criminally minded person.  Men are also sometimes harassed, but most victims of harassment are women. The harasser is almost always male.

Examples of sexual harassment include suggestive comments, pressure for sexual contact, demands for sex in return for a job or other benefit, sexual jokes.

Sexual assault is an attack of a sexual nature, which includes sexual touching or rape.

Sexual abuse is inherently sexual assault but over a prolonged period. Incest, or sexual relations between family members like parents and children, or brothers and sisters, is an example of sexual abuse. But sexual harassment can occur outside of the family too.


  • Be aware of truth:

Helplessness, shame, defectiveness, and self-blame these all are the reaction to the trauma, not reality. The fact is that you are deceived for which you are not responsible. Try to talk with the person with whom you feel comfortable.

Don’t run away from the truth as it will not vanish until you say to your heart out loud. Talk to the person you trust a lot. There is no point to hide. Hide as much as you will get into depression.

If you run away from the truth, you will only feel shameful. If you are not able to find a credible person to talk. You must take help of a professional therapist. Never feel guilty and depressed.

  • Challange Loneliness and Frustration:
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Incident of rape or sexual assassination makes frustration and disappointment in mind. The person does not want to meet with other people. She should have a support that she is a powerful and skilled person. She can quickly overcome this situation. All she need to gain self-confidence. The best way to get your strength is to start helping others. Give services at an orphanage or blind school or spend time there. Join Rape support groups to regain yourself and to increase mental strength.

  • Never Blame yourself:

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Stop thinking that you are not able to take care of yourself or why you trust someone. If it is rape it is not your fault, but the fault of the other. So stop being responsible for this accident. As you begin accepting the truth, you will understand that you are not accountable. You will start living guilt free and respectfully.



  • If you feel Embarrassment then:

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Women are eaten up to realize that whatever happened has not stopped them. The truth is that when an attack like a rape goes into the body and mind shock. Neither can they think clearly or react? Many rape victims say that once they attacked the body, they felt as if they had become freeze. So stop your judging from Trauma’s natural reaction. It may be that you have made significant efforts to get yourself out of that situation, but remember that if you were in a position to stop the attack, you would have finished it.

  • The shock of Sexual harassment:

Many times there is only a person of rapist identity. If you believe in the same rape, then it is a natural response to the woman’s shock. The one who thought was disturbed by the belief that there is enough reason to bring it into the shadow. Stop thinking that the rapist crossed the limits of the warning because you had left Safety Precautions loose. Stop even assuming that the attacker was still a dense person. Do not regret yourself as being responsible for the dresses or yourself being in drugs.

  • Get ready for a flashback:

An incident like sexual assault, the woman, keeps the nervous system on alert for a very long time. On any matter, the woman becomes hyper-sensitive. Therefore, it is ubiquitous for women who have been raped to become fearful dreams, to be a flashback to the incident. It is repeated many times in the early months of the event. In the case of many women, this is a very long nightmare.

  • How to get rid of sexual harassment:

The event can only remember when it has its anniversary or people associated with it or has to go to place. If you know these are triggers, then try to stay away as all this make you upset. Do not ignore the danger signals coming from the body. Emotions already warn about the state of the body. Feelings already informed about the state of the body.
If you are feeling stressed if your breath starts moving fast, the speed of thoughts is fast, try to control yourself if hot flashes have started.

  • Do self-soothing:

If you feel any symptom of depression or anxiety, then it’s essential to control priorly. The best way to manage yourself is to control the breath. Take a deep breathe when you feel anxious. Do it for a bit long time. It will calm down yourself.

Sexual Harassment is a severe problem prevailed in every aspect of society. Today we are living in highly technical advancement, but it saddens the fact that this evilness is making society hollow. It’s time to raise our voice; it’s time to fight back.


  1. This is a very important topic today. I don’t know why people do not want to talk about this severe social issue. Sexual harassment is ruining the humanity. We need to stand against it and fight. Yes, this is true that majorly women are the victim of sexual assault but men are too. Maybe, men, sexual assault is less but it exists we should not ignore the fact. Every country from east to west is severely affected. This article is superbly written for those who are already a victim. Amazing very motivating blog.
    Thank you so much Voodly for publishing this awesome blog.
    More power to you.


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