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  • Genre: Romantic.
  • Director: Imtiaz Ali
  • Plot: A story full of lots of traveling and chasing behind a ring, which made leads fall in love. (Like Every Bollywood movie)
Rating 2/5
Start Cast Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Evelyn Sharma

Chandan Roy Sanyal, Sayani Gupta.

Time 2 hours 24 minutes.
Music Pritam Chakraborty
Producer Red Chillies Entertainment
Language  Hindi


Image result for jab harry met sejal


‘When Harry Mate Sejal’ is the story of a boy Harry, who is a tourist guide in Europe. After moving a Gujarati group to Europe, he was leaving the airport by leaving them from the airport, Sejal, who is involved in that group, tells him that his engagement ring has been lost, without which his fiancée will not marry him. After that, Harry and Sejal go out on the same trip again in the same countries, where Harry had brought them back by the last days. His journey from Amsterdam began in search of the ring, reaching Lisbon via Budapest, Berlin. In the meantime, there are some such incidents that Sejal, who came near Mastmaula Harry, compared her typical type fiancee to her. Even if he gets a ring, even then he does not tell the truth in Harry’s desire to spend more time with him. After all, Sejal tells Harry about getting the ring and returns to India. After Sejal return to India, Harry misses her, so he also goes to India on her wedding day. But is Harry able to get Sejal? You need to watch the movie to know this.

Image result for jab harry met sejal


Imtiaz Ali is known for the best romantic films, but it will not be easy for the audience to digest it for ‘Jab Harry Met Seja’, that a single girl is looking for a ring without the need for a family member to travel across Europe alone. She will be ready and after that the way the ring gets the water, it is also very childish. Just before the interval, Harry and Sejal bore the viewers watching the country roaming in search of the ring. However, Imtiaz has put some spice in the film, but they are not as funny. After the interval, the story garners a little speed, but in the end, the flat climax of the film again disappoints the audience.


Performance Of Star Cast:

Shah Rukh Khan, who is doing romantic films at the age of 50, needs to be serious like the other Khan stars when selecting a script. However, by keeping a light bearded look instead of a clean shave in the film, Shahrukh has done his best to manage his age. Shah Rukh, who has been associated with Punjab in the film, has done his best to be romantic on his own, in some scenes, he laughs at the audience by doing childish acts. Even in this film, he has not avoided Liplock Kiss Seen with Anushka, which he usually avoids, but still does not matter.

Anushka Sharma has done a good job in the role of a Gujarati girl, but she is not as frozen as she is. Especially their childish acts sometimes laugh at the audience, they sometimes bore. There are so many songs in the film that every 10-15 minutes as soon as the film grows, there is a song. Some songs like ‘Radha’ and ‘Furr’ are good for the film but if Imtiaz wanted it, then it could have reduced its length by editing some songs and film a bit. However, you may be disappointed if you look at Shah Rukh and Anushka in Theater, but the filmmaking of the film shoots on the best locations in Europe will not disappoint you and you will also travel to Europe with Harry and Sejal.

Film’s Music:

The music of the movie is Ok Ok not so good. Radha song some far trending but not hit, but songs can be edited in the screenplay. Background music takes you along with the story.

Watch or Not:

If you are Big SRK fan, then it’s great for you otherwise watch it your own risk.

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