Kapil Sharma Ginni Chatrath
Kapil Sharma Is Marrying Girlfriend Ginni Chatrath.

Comedian Kapil Sharma, who spell the magic of his comedy in India and around the world, has announced his wedding dates which are great news for his fans. Indeed, on December 12, he will take “Saat Phere” in Jalandhar, Punjab. Two days later, on December 14, a grand reception will be organized, which will include Kapil’s friends associated with the film industry and the TV industry.

In an interview with an English website, Indian Express, Kapil Sharma said that the wedding ceremony will be held in Ginni Chatrath Hometown, Jalandhar. He further said, “We wanted to do it in a very simple manner, but Ginny is the only daughter of her family, so they want to do this wedding with pompousness. I think their feelings well. My mother also wants to marry me in a grand way.”

On this occasion, Kapil recalled how his elder brother was married in limited resources. He told that during the marriage of elder brother, I did not start earning. We just took a small procession and brought Sister-in-law in the house. However, Kapil married his sister in a very good way, because by then his good income started to happen.

Asked if he is happy with his decision to marry his girlfriend? In response, Kapil Sharma said that I am only, but more than I can see happiness in my mother’s face. In an interview, Kapil had admitted that he would be bound by the bondage of marriage till the end of this year because his mother wants him to marry now.

The news came a few months ago that Kapil had gone with his girlfriend Ginni Chatrath to spend a vacation in Greece. However, Kapil has already expressed his love for Ginni Chatrath. Last year, he had a tweet with his Twitter account in which he had written, ‘Do not call her my Better Half, she fulfills me. Love You, Ginni, Please welcome her. I love her very much.’

Let’s say last year, Kapil had announced an engagement with Ginni Chatrath. After that, there were many ups and downs in his life. He was also involved in a lot of controversy and after which his show also got closed so that he went into Depression. Now he has also improved his health and soon he is taking his show again. Right now, Kapil Sharma has produced a recently released Punjabi film ‘Son of Manjit Singh’. This movie is also being liked in Punjabi cinema.

Anyway, but the fans will be very happy with this news given by Kapil. Now fans are just waiting for their show’s return.


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