Khaba Village
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Khaba is a village in Rajasthan which has been given a strange term of being a Ghost Village since on one strange night the whole village disappeared and nothing was left behind by its people apart from the ruined houses and temples which still exists to remind people of the Ghostly affair which happened in this village.

Only 43 km away from Jaisalmer this village is quite close to the Sam Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer so you can come to the village while going on the way towards Sam Sand Dunes from Jaisalmer.

While on my way to Sam from Jaisalmer I was filled with curiosity and happiness when my driver suddenly announced that let’s visit Khaba which is a Ghost Village of Rajasthan which rang me curiosity bells and I started asking the driver that what is the story behind it on which he replied that “Bhaiya, poora Gaon ek raat me gayab ho gaya tha”.

Khaba Village

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This is the village which had residents from the community of “Paliwal” and it was one of the most populated village in Rajasthan before many unfortunate turn of events took place here.

After coming to the village I was still not impressed by the driver’s story that a Ghost came here and disappeared everyone from this village. But to my surprise there was Chare-wala who was taking his cows for a daily walk from the nearby village and only after asking him I got to know about the real story of the village.

Real Story of Khaba

Much to what this village story has been bended and modified by many the real one is that this village was of Paliwal community and when a Rajput ruler conquered Jaisalmer and neighbouring he asked 80 villages to give their Girls to him which means that either give us your pride or abandon this land in one single night, which started turn of events and many villages nearby Jaisalmer which includes the famous Kuldhara village was abandoned in one single night.

Out of all the abandoned village Khaba was most populated but everything disappeared under one single night and nothing was left one the next day apart from the mystery which they left behind for people to resolve.

Why you should visit Khaba instead of Kuldhara?

Kuldhara is a pretty famous village near Jaisalmer which has also been hyped as Khaba but due to the overcoming of tourist in Kuldhara it has been reconstructed with the establishment of boundaries with food and tea stalls for the people coming there, thus losing its touch of rustic nature which it was supposed to be.

Contrary to Kuldhara, Khaba is still untouched by the human interference since there are less amount of visitors here and it has one more attraction which is Khaba Fort so you can get a good view of the whole village from the terrace of this fort.

Location of Khaba Fort

Khaba Fort can be reached by road. You can drive to the place from Jaisalmer. It is 35kms west of Jaisalmer.

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