Khwaab: Accomplishing Every Woman’s Fashionable Dreams by Bringing The Runway into Her Closet!

The dress is not merely an outfit - It's a dream of the designer.


Khwaab is proud to patron symbols of contemporary cultural energy. In their rapidly evolving culture, the current generation of young women experiences an increasing number of influences. The House Of Khwaab is a designer brand for young urban India. Whereas its influences are global, its identity originates from Indian design. The look is sophisticated and carefully crafted.

Golden Sequins Flare Gown

Defining style with close attention to symmetries and pieces, the House of Khwaab is reinterpreting fashion for the bold and the contemporary. Merging fashion with fantasy, the Khwaab designer’s handpicked curation of sophisticated styles and sultry silhouettes is geared towards a dreamy ready-to-wear line that is ought to be the mainstay in the wardrobes of the fashion forward. Drawing inspirations from a global range of colorful and dreamy imagery – the bustling fabric streets of Surat, the rejuvenating energy of the designer’s Kolkata home, to the exclusive boutiques and high street fashion in Oxford Street, all their designs are an unfolding story in itself. 

House of Khwaab
Black Pleated Jumpsuit Style Cocktail Gown

The fashion created at the House is personal – every single piece is quite passionately created with the goal of creating red carpet riots both on and off the runway! The label emerged in 2010, in the quest for designer occasion wear. Thereby bringing forth a line of ethereal outfits inspired by the best trends of the international runways and intricate handiwork back home, in and as the House of Khwaab. From Bollywood inspired designer sarees to Hollywood style prom gowns, Khwaab strives to make every woman’s style goals a reality with their existing collection.

“A Khwaab dress is not merely an outfit – it is a dream of the designer to realize the stylish fantasies of the woman who experiences fashion as the emotional route to reinvent herself every day,” Founder and CEO, Vikas Kherajani explains about the label. With the upcoming collections being geared predominantly towards a resort wear line, Khwaab envisions a fashionable world that turns runway style goals into an everyday reality.

Meet the founder of Khwaab, Vikas Kherajani, the man with fabric in his veins and fashion in his heart!

Vikas Kherajani

How many times have we been told in our lives that we can’t achieve much if we don’t have a degree? Well, Vikas Kherajani was one of those who heard it right and decided to prove it all wrong. Born in a Sindhi family in Mumbai who had been in the textile business for generations, Vikas knew it from his very childhood that he has to make it big in the industry.

He moved to Dubai for schooling while his family shifted to Surat to expand the fabric business. He came back and enrolled in a college in Mumbai only to realize that his love for fashion was more than his enthusiasm for education. While in most cases families aren’t very supportive of such decisions, his was an exception who wanted him to fully pursue his ‘Wake Up Sid’ goals irrespective of not being a graduate.

He came back to Surat and joined his father’s age-long business and soon began sketching out his plans for expansion but in vogue! Khwaab was born out of his passion for creating a runway driven dream wardrobe for the modern woman who wasn’t afraid of experimenting with trends and rediscovered herself every day in the name of style!

He started Khwaab in a little cabin in his Dad’s office in Surat and within no time build it into a vibrant company of more than 50 employees in Surat and an ever-evolving operations team of 10 people in Mumbai. While it is just the beginning, his ultimate mission is to meet the fashionable dreams of millions of women not only in India but also in the USA, UK, and Canada markets that the brand is targeting besides home.

Here is the glimpse of collection:

1. Sky Blue Beaded Satin-Georgette Gown

Sky Blue Beaded Satin-Georgette Gown

2. Beige One Shoulder Satin-Georgette Gown

Beige One Shoulder Satin-Georgette Gown


3. Light Grey Sequins & Satin Empire Gown

Light Grey Sequins & Satin Empire Gown


4. Black & Gold Sequin Ready To Wear Saree

Black & Gold Sequin Ready To Wear Saree

5. Grey Jacquard Lehenga With Fringe Choli & Dupatta

Grey Jacquard Lehenga With Fringe Choli & Dupatta

6. Scarlet Red Hand Work Ready To Wear Saree

Scarlet Red Hand Work Ready To Wear Saree


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