Your Hairs are a crown of your body kingdom if you fall prey to brittle and lifeless hair, it can affect the entire look of your glorious kingdom. Summer is already raising day by day and your hairs are first who first comes in contact with the harmful sun rays. So make sure you do everything to take care of your luscious tresses, and repair damaged hairs.

Gentle care and some lifestyle measures maintain the glory of your crown:

Trim regularly:

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The foremost repercussion of damaged and dry hair is split ends so trim your hairs in the regular Interval. As it maintains the bounce of hair and it looks healthy and shiny all the time. A good trim can revive damaged hair. To accomplish results, you don’t need to chop in extremely short. Keep good length and treat the damaged parts.

Pick a comb over brush:

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A wide toothed comb is much better than a brush as hairs easily go through it and prevent unnecessary hair loss. So, opt for combs over brushes.

Say No To Heating Equipment:

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Yes! I Know you cannot completely avoid the styling tools but can limit the usage. Excessive use of heating tools causes severe damage to hairs. Wherever possible try to use air dry your hair. It let your hair live in the natural state. If you still want to use the heat protection spray must be applied.

I recommend Heat Protection mist by Toni & Guy, you can buy from Amazon by clicking on the picture here:

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Toni & Guy Heat Protectant Mist


Say strict no to chemicals:

If your hairs are extremely damage, you must avoid the use of chemicals or any kind of chemical processed treatments. Try to use herbal treatments as much as possible. Talk to your stylist about gentle approaches. Use sulfate free shampoo and conditioners, ammonia free and demi-permanent hair colors.

Protect your hairs under the pool and the sun:

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As we all know excessive sun rays are harmful to the body so for the hairs as well. Try to cover your hairs while going out. Similarly, try to use swimming cap inside the pool as the water contains the chlorine which harmful for the hairs.

Don’t sit in the sun after swimming without a cap or hat; the sun’s rays will compound the damage to your hair done by chlorine. Or, wash your hair before you sunbathe if you’ve been in the pool and use sunscreen on your part to avoid burning and peeling on your scalp line. Although the sun’s exposure is more intense during the summer months, it shines all year round. After a long day in the sun due to an athletic event, a hike or a day at the beach, consider giving your hair a hydrating treatment to avoid additional hair damage.

Signs of sun damage to your hair can include dry hair with brittle or broken ends, faded hair color, frizz, and weakened or thinning hair.

Maintain good health:

If your body healthy then it’s every part will be healthy. Make sure to consume lots of water, Add proteins, Omega – 3 fatty acids, fruits and other vitamins and nutrients supplements in your food. All this affect the health of your hair as well


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