Mission Shakti

“India joins USA, Russia and China with the capability to hit Low Earth Orbit satellite with an A-SAT (anti-satellite) missile.”

On Wednesday Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the citizens of India and informed about a significant achievement of India. PM Modi said that the country had killed a satellite in LEO (Low Earth Orbit) while getting big success in space. This operation was called ‘Mission Shakti’ to kill the satellite at a distance of 300 kilometers in space. With the success of ‘Mission Shakti,’ India has become the fourth space superpower in the world, having space in space also has war power.

The Operation Has ended in just 3 Minutes

Describing this entire operation, PM Narendra Modi said, “Shortly before, India has achieved an unprecedented achievement. India has got its name as space superpower in the world. So far only America, Russia, and China had this achievement. Now India has become the fourth country to achieve this capability. Shortly before, our scientists killed a satellite in ‘Low Earth Orbit’ 300 kilometers away. This operation was completed in just 3 minutes. This operation, called ‘Mission Shakti,’ was complicated, with a very high degree of technical ability.

Pride of DRDO scientists, increase the value of the country

Addressing the citizens, Prime Minister Modi said, “It is a matter of pride for all Indians. The Indian-ready A-SAT missile has done this feat. I congratulate all the people associated with this Mission. Today again they have increased the value of the country. We are proud of our scientists. “The Prime Minister said that in the coming days, their use and importance have to be increased and in this way, their safety is also paramount. He also said that this operation of India is not against any country. He said, “Today’s trial does not violate any international law or treaty agreements.” We want to use it for the security and peace of 130 million people.”

Tweeted to say ‘important message.’

Let us tell you; PM Narendra Modi talked about issuing an essential message in the name of the citizens shortly after 11:30 am on Wednesday. He had said that he would bring important words between 11:45 am to 12:00 am, after which all the rounds of speculation started. Before issuing messages in the name of the nationals, the Prime Minister had held meetings with the Cabinet Committee on Security Affairs and his Cabinet colleagues, after which the discussion had started that the Prime Minister could give some information on the issue of Defense. PM Modi tweeted, “I will issue an essential message to the country between 11:45 and 12:00 p.m. You see on television, radio and social media.

What is the A-SAT missile?

  • Satellite of enemy country’s satellites can be targeted at the target.
  • Any satellite can be dropped in space.
  • They can carry out operations several kilometers away from the earth.
  • Tactical military targets could kill the satellite.
  • Communication systems of any country can eliminate.
  • At the time of the war, the enemy’s satellite can kill.

What is the Low Earth Orbit?

  • ‘Low Earth orbit’ means from the lower orbit of the Earth.
  • Orbit between 120 to 2000 km distance from Earth.
  • Anything goes down very fast when you arrive in ‘Low Earth Orbit’.
  • More damage comes when it comes down from a very high level.


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