Nikhil Anand
Nikhil Anand: Chairman and Owner Glamanand Supermodel India

The business world was said to be a place for masters! Yes, we are talking about the very charming and good-looking, Nikhil Anand, the chairman of Glamanand, the organization that owns Glamanand Supermodel India and Miss Multinational beauty pageant Franchise. He has taken over the Miss Earth and Miss International franchises, among others. In 2017, Nikhil acquired Miss Multinational Pageant, which had its inaugural edition in December 2017 in New Delhi. He may have often been described as an amateur to the Indian pageantry in the past, but today, he indeed has made his mark by becoming the youngest international pageant organizer in the world. 

In this fashionable world, when everyone is obtaining a westernized culture, one must not be surprised after hearing the entry of more and more youth into the industry! Nikhil Anand is one of them who has astonished the world for being the youngest international pageant organizer in the World. Days back he was very new to the industry, but now he is one of the recognized faces of the industry. Nikhil is the Chairman of the Glamanand that organizes Miss Multinational beauty pageant.

Anand hails from a small town Darbhanga, Bihar. He did his early education from Darbhanga and after that moved to New Delhi for higher studies. Soon after completing his engineering, his started his career as a model. He participated in Mr. North India 2013, but he failed to get the crown. But this was the major turning point in his life. He was very much fascinated with the glamour and glitz of the fashion world.

The youngest international pageant owner in the world. 
Nikhil Anand
Nikhil established Glamanand Entertainment Pvt Ltd when he was just 19 years old.

At the age of 19, he started Glamanand Enterprise Pvt Ltd in 2013. The main aim behind starting this venture was to give a chance to new faces. He also wanted to organise fashion events and provide an equal platform for aspiring models of this field. The vision behind starting this company was to expose and explore the new talents, quest for the best supermodels not nationally but internationally, expose talents of fashion designing industry, photography, etc.

After starting Glamanand, Nikhil felt that it needs to be more polished. In October 2014, he launched the first ever beauty pageant under the Glamanand franchise and named it Glamanand Supermodel India. The winner of the first-ever Glamanand Supermodel India was Indo-Canadian model Mohini Raaj Puniya.

His primary responsibility came when the organizer of the Miss Earth beauty pageant, Carousel Productions awarded him the right to select India’s representative for Miss Earth pageant. Aaital Khosla, the winner of the Glamanand Supermodel, represented India at Miss Earth 2015 beauty contest. The second biggest opportunity which Nikhil got that year was to send India’s representative for Miss International beauty contest. Sneha Jagiasi, another Glamanand titleholder, represented India at Miss Tourism World 2015 and got the title “Miss Personality.”

The year 2018 became the second turning point in his life. In that year, Nikhil thought of starting a new title of Miss Multinational pageant under Glamanand franchise. On February 2018, Sophie Senoron of Philippines got the first ever title of Miss Multinational. This event was held in Gurugram, India. She created history by defeating 34 candidates from all over the world. After this, he became the youngest international pageant organizer in the world.

Nikhil is very soon going to start Mr. Multinational in the year 2019. According to him, Mr. Multinational will be unlike another conventional male pageant where the selection of the winner is generally decided traditionally with specific parameters like good communication skills, handsome face, extraordinarily body structure, the presence of mind, etc. Mr. Multinational will select in a very different manner with a new approach. It will not only focus on the looks and intellect of the candidates, but the organization will also check the potential of the candidates who can be a role model to others. The organization will also review the confidence of the candidates and their stand. According to him, it is necessary that the model who will get the title of Mr. Multinational must be good in communication skills or good it looks. He must be a role model for the youth of the 21st century.

Apart from all of the above points, some weightage will also be allotted for the social media presence of the candidates as he will be the face of the organization for the one year till the next winner gets the title. To win the title of Mr. Multinational, a candidate has to go through a series of preliminary and pre-pageant activities. The candidates will also have to take part in various sub-competitions like health and fitness segment, formal wear segment, talent round, individual interview round, national costume round, etc. After going through these series of events, Mr. Multinational is going to elected at the grand finale of the contest.

For the next one year, he will be the brand ambassador and face of the Mr. Multinational. He will represent many social and fashion events occurring in the country. As it is going to start for the first time in the country, everyone’s eye will be on this event. It will also be an honour for the winner of the first Mr. Multinational Pageant.

India is flooding with such talents like Nikhil Anand. The need for the time is to find such skills and polish them.


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