“It’s not about how hard you hit, but it’s all about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That is how winning is done.”

Nishant Khade

Success and failure are the two ends of the coin. So, we have to agree to them both with an open arm. Failure teaches you to be strong and value success. It also teaches you that everything is short-term and makes you levelheaded in every situation.

Nishant Khade, Director of DAS Offshore a happy, confident 23-year old when I met with an accident on Mumbai-Bengaluru highway.  It was around 4 am, when my car collided with a parked truck near Kolhapur. The driver survived, but I suffered from a C5 spinal cord injury during the rescue process. The injury made me a person with quadriplegia for the rest of my life.  But a quadriplegic, would not only call it a failure, but my activity got limited, and my goals were destroyed.

But when I meet Mr. Shivjeet Singh Raghaw, a professional counselor, at Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC), New Delhi; I noticed that there is life after a spine injury, and I approved the process and renewed my entire life. The accident got me into another part of my character, and I have only appeared as a more powerful person. For all those who are disappointed by failure, don’t feel down because life will give you several chances to achieve success, keep working for your goal.

When an accident in 2001 left me wheelchair-bound for a lifetime, even a daily process such as wearing a shirt seemed like a challenging for me. Today, I live independently, and I journeyed across 28 states and 44 cities within India with three of my wheelchair-bound buddies. I define this journey as effective. Opposite to what others think, success for me is not a destination; it is a never-ending journey. You are effective when you reach the milestones that you have described through the course of your journey known as life.

And, Nishant’s willpower makes him live again.

He said, “My goals were destroyed.”

Hospitals became my second home for the next two years. However, I was going to combat it out. I was handled and rehabilitated to enjoy life once again. From my lack of ability to wear outfits individually, I have changed to significant a private entity. I don’t let my difficulties to engulf me; instead, I engulf them.

I am the Director of DAS Offshore, a well-known construction company in India with skills in fabrications, erections, and installations. I oversee Labor Management, Logistics, and Administration for the organization.

Nishant is also the Director of Access4All Social Base. Our objective is to get rid of limitations that limit the flexibility of those who problems and #MakeIndiaAccessible. I have also performed an Audit report of entire India’s tourist places which I would like to focus on and bring into notice.

To achieve this, my Mentor and close friend Arvind Prabhoo and I travelled abroad to first research the availability, structure, and facilities of various tourist places around the world. Later, four of us me, Arvind, Sunita Sancheti & Neenu Kewlani  (all are wheelchair-bound friends) took the effort for your way “Beyond Barriers–Incredible India Tour“ wherein we visited 19,200 KMs to 28 states and 44 cities for 84 days! During this comprehensive journey, we did an availability audit of the tourist places to understand their degree of availability and the comprehensive nature of people towards differently-abled tourists. We prepared a state capital tourist place audit report depending on the study we did during the trip. Currently, I am using my knowledge in construction & architectures to help the Government build a globally approved, barrier-free facilities and transport in cities.

Since the time I met with an accident, I have never been in a comfortable area. However, I am endowed to have my buddy, my sibling, my spirit, my mentor, my mild during my hardship – Arvind Prabhoo. He has always been there by my part, during my good and bad times. He has raised my spirits, cheered me up, and he is my guiding light when I am lost.

Every day instructs me a new session. From handling 1500 labourers at DAS offshore to helping to develop available facilities and transport for in a different way abled people, I love the difficulties that come my way. I believe convenience areas make you satisfied. You must always process yourself and look for new possibilities in daily life. It helps you to discover yourself and keeps you nimble by mind and body.

Nishant Says, My mantra in life is simple – Live life king size! Don’t let the challenges or mishaps determine the path of your life.”

I was a part of the effort known as “Beyond Barriers–Incredible India Tour“ wherein we visited 19,200 KMs to 28 states and 44 cities for 84 days! During this comprehensive journey, we did an availability audit of the vacationer locations to comprehend their degree of availability and the comprehensive characteristics of individuals towards differently-abled tourists. We ready situations investment vacationer position audit review depending on the research we did during the journey. Currently, I am using my information in development & architectures to help the Govt develop a globally approved, barrier-free facilities and transport in locations.

Mumbai-based Vijay Merchant Rehabilitation Centre supports the tour for the Disabled and funded by individual donors in Mumbai. The team started arrangements for the journey at the beginning of this season, including calling various condition organizations.

It hasn’t been that easy as all of them have an active work life and the warm reaction they obtained has been frustrating.



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