If you are a cyclist, there requires some food menu for you to optimize your skill. Of
course, you are concerned about your health. Proper eating with nutritional maintenance is much needed to follow. That does not mean you should eat all day long.
It actually depends on time and propensity for riding.

There are some nutrition tips for mountain bikers I have compiled a lot of research. As it
will keep variance with keeping your body fit. You should often maintain it during and
after riding on a bicycle. If you overlook replenishing the energy you lose, your body or
muscles may stop functioning properly. Let’s start with the focusing point.
Tips to fulfill nutritional requirements of a biker:

Never worry about choosing your food chart. I am here to provide you genuine
information about it.

1. Supply enough carbohydrate to the body:

As it is the key energy source for doing any work with stamina, you should maintain it
with proper serving. First, you should inquire about how much you need it as special
requirement weekly. It mostly depends on your lifestyle and cycling hour.
According to sports scientist’s research, one requires 5 to 9 g of carbohydrate per 1 kg
body weight. Fruit, grains, crabs vegetables etc. support to gain enough nutrition.
Remember; never take it too much as it can drain your energy. Yet, a little amount is
also not welcome for the health. Both can leave a negative effect on it. Not all sources
of carbohydrate will supply similar nutrition. In that case, search foods with enough
calories as per your health demand.

2. Have proper protein:

Protein makes your body fit and keeps immune function sound for a long time. Lack of it
can lead you to muscle damage that directly can cause a negative impact on cycling.
Add beans, eggs, pulse on your regular food chart including lean meats, small or large
fishes. It maintains your tissues and ensures the recovery. Make sure you are not eating
these above your requirements.

3. Fulfill vitamin and mineral demands of your body:

Now, I will let you remember about two kinds of vitamins. They are known as fat and
water-soluble vitamins. Vitamin A, D, E and K are generally found in our body, as they
are fat-soluble. We can have water-soluble ones from our regular diet.
Hence, good health demands little amounts of minerals also. It requires enough zinc,
calcium on daily basis. That’s why; you need to take foods available with these
necessary elements.

4. Drink enough water and be hydrated:

Drinking water on a regular basis is necessary for every individual for better health. In
terms of a biker, it is needless to say as it makes you lose fluid through sweating. Again,
it can cause you unnecessary cramping.
Moreover, the extra liquid loss can lead to serious dehydration. While you are intending
to have a longer ride, take a large bottle filled with water in your cycle basket. If you
drink a swig from every 15 minutes while riding, it can possibly ensure a good hydration

5. Restock your energy:

After a long biking, you must have lost a good portion of your energy. It should be
restored again with no doubt. That’s why leaving your stomach empty after having a ride
won’t be a wise decision at all. Your body muscles consume a lot of proteins and
carbohydrate during cycling. A well-recognized named Ironman Sports Medicine Institute suggests taking snacks filled with necessary nutrients. Besides, you can eat peanuts, small sandwich, and mouthwatering butter to meet the deficiency you lost.
In a research, this is found for a requirement of 1g of carbohydrate for per kilogram of
your weight. For an example, if you weigh 50 kg, you need to have 50g of carbohydrate-
rich food including 10g of protein. This will surely help you recover from an energy
shortage and fuel your strength.

6. Conduct your ride in a systematic way:

If you are looking for going to ride for 90 minutes, then your body stored with
carbohydrate, will handle that during the period. That’s pretty well. But there is a point. If
you plan to experience long riding, you need to have foods depends on the duration of
your journey. Just a little amount of food in breakfast won’t support at all for day long.
Add more carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, and drinks in your food chart before heading
for your mission. If possible, take additional nutrient foods with you. From time to time,
eat something and fuel your energy. For better performance and also to save your
health, these are nutrition tips for mountain bikers.

Some other techniques you need to remember

Besides the tips I mentioned here, there are some other important things you need to
keep in mind. Here is the list you can look for.

  • Nutrition is undoubtedly a crucial thing for every passionate biker. That’s why I
    recommend you to eat good foods daily. But make sure you are not having too
    much. Otherwise, it can make you suffer from extra weight issues.
  • Never make hurry in eating out of excitement for cycling. You can miss enough
    nutrition because of it.
  • Take fatty foods but in a limited quantity. Make sure it is enriched with enough
    omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid.

Wrap Up

Cycling is not only a sport of enjoyment; it also requires endurance combined with a
requirement of muscles building and cardiovascular organs. Here I have described
nutrition tips for mountain bikers to remind you the necessity of it. You must make a
plan for choosing the right foods for diet chart. Never ignore it at all. Otherwise, you
can’t meet up with your biking goals. Of course, there is a reason to choose it apart from
passion or hobby. It directly helps you in muscle building too. If you lose your energy in
lack of enough nutrition, how can you fulfill your goal?


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