Prachi Garg
Prachi Garg

Prachi Garg, an ordinary girl from Bulandshahr, is a traveler by heart. Being a girl from a business family, she had a seal to do something on her own from the beginning. She struggled to crack IIT but unfortunately couldn’t get into. But it is truly said that every failure is the beginning of success. Hence, she did not lose hope and did her graduation from Miranda House and MBA from Chennai. It was the turning point of her life. While pursuing graduation, she explored herself. She did theatre. Soon after completing her graduation, she placed in Hindustan Times as a columnist. After getting experience in the field, she realised that she could start something on her own and finally she started “Managing Minds” for MBA aspirants from tier-1 and tier-2 cities. Her main motto behind writing this magazine was to make students aware of the fact that IIM is not only the place for becoming an MBA Graduate, but one can excel well after doing from some other college.

The audience did not accept her magazine. But she didn’t stop. She continued her MBA. It is said that your passion never dies, so, during her MBA she started her new venture “Ghoomophiro” that is working for 4 years. During an interview, she said, “My parents have always been my backbone. They have always supported me and never stopped me from doing anything. I believe that our family is paramount, especially if we dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Ghoomophiro is a startup that plans corporate tours. It aims at planning the trips as per the requirement and budget. Ghoomophiro has recently added a new service for solo women travelers where it tries to make women comfortable by providing women drivers and women guides. This service has been added keeping in mind about the safety of women travelers. According to Prachi, few clients can sustain the business if they get the customized service as per their requirements and are very well satisfied with the services. They will keep on adding new customers by sharing their experiences through word of mouth. Ghoomophiro is very soon going to target school going children. Ghoomophiro is very different from other such startups as it suggests only those places which have been visited personally by the team of Ghoomophiro. It helps them to make the service more personalized keeping in mind the needs of the travelers at that place.

Prachi is also an author and motivational speaker. She has delivered many workshops on entrepreneurship in renowned colleges of India like IIM, FMS, IMT, Miranda College, etc. She has given lectures in more than 50 seminars in PAN India on youth and startup ecosystem, entrepreneurship, setting goals, travel, writing, motivation, etc. She has also written three non-fiction novels that have become the best sellers in the country.

Her book Superwomen became the best seller in 2016. This book is a collection of stories of 20 Indian women entrepreneurs who became entrepreneurs in their early age. Her second best book Supercouples became the best seller in the year 2017. This book covered the stories of those successful startups where the spouses were the co-founders. Her third book Supersiblings became the largest seller in non-fiction category in 2018. This book penned the stories of successful startups started by siblings. She writes on entrepreneurship and travel. Her journey has been composed by Yourself you/diva/Indian Express.

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Prachi’s life was not such easy, but her dreams were high. When she started Ghoomophiro, she had to face some challenges. The first challenge was to serve the high-quality service to the customers with the expanding business. It was very tough for her to look into the requirements of each group. Secondly, it was not initially widely accepted by the people that after being a girl, she has to travel so much for her startup. But she somehow managed to prove herself because of the support of her parents. Thirdly, while she was working on her books, she did not find any publisher. It was one of the toughest challenges she has faced to date. She somehow finds a publisher for her book and then she convinced him to publish her books. Very soon her books got credibility, and then the publishers themselves approached her. It made her more motivated to write. And since then, she has never stopped writing.

Being a woman, she believes that it is essential for them to be financially independent so that they can take important decisions on their own. Dependency can lead to uncertainty. The woman should also be given wings to fly high. She also believes that woman are not given a chance to participate in decision making. It somewhere keeps them morally down. The woman must be supported by family and the society so that they can also live their dreams. Prachi finds that being a woman is not a curse! They have the right to live like men, and therefore, they must not be scared of living in their dreams. They must communicate this in the right manner to their family and friends. A woman can do anything on their own. The only thing which is essential for them to is to believe in themselves. Prachi also believes that a woman should equally balance her personal and professional lives. It is imperative to provide proper education to them on how to get encouraged and motivated in their lives. They must not influence by others and keep on doing which they never wanted to do. Prachi encourages especially those women who are homemakers to do something on their own. They can even work from there. The need is to make them understand the importance of financial independence.

Prachi Garg is a role model for those women who want to make their name in the society. For her success mantra is that if someone wants to do something in his/her life, then he/she will find the way.


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