These Travel Freaks Are Breaking All The Career Stereotypes And Following Their Passion.


In India, leaving your mainstream well-settled high paid job and starting a career with challenging moves is like going against the whole society. Nevertheless, these two gems have decided to take the risk to break all the stereotypes of the so-called 9 to 5 job to follow their dream.

Pardeep and Priyanka have made this strong movement to break the societal rules and are following their passion as working travelers. In the hustle of the changing career, they laid the foundation of “Roamanchak”- A Unique Travel Content Platform.

About The Founders

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Pradeep Rana, A guy from a small town in Himachal, moved into the city of dreams with the purpose of doing something exceptional. He is a research scientist by profession who spent a couple of years working on cancer research before following his heart and joining Reliance Jio as an intern. His passion and dedication for content creation ended in him leaving his research career for his passion and entered a new field without any experience as an intern with no salary. His hard work and hunger for learning new things in life led him in heading a travel channel, which took him across the globe.
He also worked with news channels and organized international trips for celebrities, and this is how he tagged himself at 15 countries on the map within the time span of 8 months, but soon he realized this was not the way he wanted to explore the world. So once again, he looks a leap of faith and quit his job to start his venture.

Priyanka Mhatre, An MBA by education and a full-time dreamer by profession. She started her career as a financial researcher with JPMorgan and then moved to pursue an MBA degree. And working as a Brand Manager.

The story began when Pradeep and Priyanka decided to leave their job and Commence their dream Journey to make it more Roamanchak.” 

One day, they quit their jobs and decided to board on a journey through lesser-known destinations of India. They say, “Our notion is to traverse less traveled places, culture, food, and people.” Consequently, with sustaining their appetite for traveling, they have already covered 27 states and on their way to cover the rest two. Traveling, shooting, editing, managing social media everything in a real-time journey across 29 states and 7 union territories in Just 100 days. 

Whoa! I even can’t even imagine doing this. However, the real passion and determination can lead you to achieve any goal.

Laid the foundation of “Roamanchak.”

Because of their passion for travel, Pradeep Rana and Priyanka Mhatre co-founded Roamanchak where they combine their appetite for travel, spices of life and greediness for creating content. Together they both perform well the roles of a conceptualizer, content producer, researcher, brand builder, director, editor, travel influencer and social media manager.

On the go, the imagination and dream have to lead to Roamanchak’s first project which covers all the 29 states and 7 union territories in 100days. The Idea of traveling India in 100 days is quite impressive. The film 100 Days was another factor that inspired the time limit, “It was playing on TV, and seemed like a divine intrusion.” So, They decided to travel for 100 days.

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A dream, a vision, a project called Roamanchak which Priyanka had envisioned. Exploring the most unseen, bizarre, beautiful sights of India in 100days. Priyanka said, “They got the inspiration of traveling from her father.” Priyanka was born in Mumbai but spent most of her childhood in the Middle East (Oman and Dubai). She adds, “That’s probably where I get my passion for travel. My father has been an avid traveler and he made sure we went somewhere every weekend.”

They aim to unveil the unexplored hidden gems of Indian to the world. They attract more guest from foreign lands to explore India. Roamanchak has been a journey about courage, passion, and determination that lead two people to acquire the necessary knowledge by any means possible to make their dreams come true.

They inspire people from India as well who dreamed of traveling to the foreign land. They Said India is full of many unseen cultures, locations, inspiring people, food and we are witnessing all of that now to go on a life journey to share this experience with as many people as possible.

As they started researching, they realized they did not know their country at all. “It was strange that being a traveler”, Pardeep said, “I was not aware of such places. I believe the problem lies in the way most people look at our country. The Western nations seem to be better in all of the ways and India is looked at with skepticism. Most people do not realize the how rich our history was, how intelligent our ancestors were, how culturally diverse our country is, how varied and stunning our topography is. In addition, most of the places do not seem to be promoting themselves. Through our project, we wish to inform and educate people about such places in our country.”

Safety Misconception For Traveling In India

Pradeep said, “People say traveling alone in India is quite unsafe. But we did not face any such unsafety during our 100 days journey across India. You can see our videos of each state. Yes, we were scared at many places, we got into fights also, but nothing major happened. Our positive attitude towards life might have helped us only meet good people and memories.”

In the end, People who are planning to travel in India must take inspiration from these guys. India has lots of exciting destinations hidden in her lap. All we need to do is to explore and cherish them. Stop degrading and start exploring India.


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