There was a time when we used to worship women as goddess, but today there is something like this that women’s respect for the ordinary auction is done, they are strung together. In recent days, cases of various types of atrocities, including sexual violence, have increased to a large extent throughout the country. Rape incidents are rising rapidly among women, minor girls, and young girls. Such events are not of any one state or city but are swallowing the whole country. In West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and other states, the incidents of rape and molestation are being raised in the recent past.

Rape is not only physical exploitation but also by words. Whether it is home or outside we are not safe. A gang of boys flirting, teasing while walking on the streets makes them feel a Shameful woman. When will these atrocities stop against women? When will the people of the country wake up? When women are free from fear of molestation, they will be able to move freely.

Now the question arises that while the country is on the path to progress, women’s condition is getting worse. There is no improvement in their situation. Earlier they were considered home contents, and now they play for fun and play a fun toy.

Something similar happened in Jammu with an 8-year-old girl Asifa.

What was the fault of that little girl? It is that She is a “Girl.” Is that she has Vagina?

She got such a worst punishment for being a woman. It is a curse, if it is your “Mardangi”, then it is damn you. Shame on you If you are are a Hindu, a Muslim, a father, and a husband. Shame on you for being human. You are a citizen of that country where women are worshipped as a goddess. Where the young girl is fed in the Navratri as the form of Goddess

And then in the same country, a little girl is raped. Where is this Hindutva? Where is this manhood? Where is justice? Do not you feel ashamed of being a man? Do not you feel ashamed of yourself, after coming to the front of the world?

I am proud that I am a girl, but I am scared because I live in the same country, but shame also comes that the monsters like you are also living in this country.

Who are you What are you When I ask this question !!
Then there is only one answer which burns my heart and feels very depressed to me ……….. You are helpless. You are powerless. Because You are a girl!


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