Sona Jadhav Spreading The Divinity With Her Voice.

    Sona Jadhav
    Sona Jadhav


    Everyone knows that music is the sort of Divinity. Goddess Saraswati is the source of music to the world. Only by performing its melodious voice, perceiving God is a different experience. Sona Jadhav is fascinating the world with her divine voice the spirit of God.

    The best Indian Krishna bhajan singer Sona Jadhav is performed in national and international singer she is Krishna bhajan singer Mata Jagran singer.
    Famous classical and Sufi bhajan singer Sona Jadhav feels Sufi music is getting a considerable reputation, as it comes with high octane feelings and one can link on a spiritual level with this music.


    Sona Jadhav

    She is into Saibaba fold for the past 18 years, and since then she has given Sai Bhajan Sandhya performances in many Saibaba Temples, Public Functions all over India and Abroad. She is a devotee of Lord Khatoo Shyam Baba and sings for Matarani.

    Sona Jadhav ji has presented more than 700 programmes throughout the country and abroad. She has compered and shared the stage with
    many famous artists like Raja, playback singer Richa Sharma, Sonu Nigam, Tripti Shakya, and Anu Kapoor and many Bollywood celebrities.
    Her journey from Indore to Mumbai and abroad is unbelievable and excellent.

    Sona sang the Devotee of Lord Shyam Baba, Shri Nandkishore Sharmanda (Nanduji) composed hymns and these hymns. The second edition of the hymns was beautiful and praised by one and all. The name of the album was “Radha ka Chitchor” (2007).

    After this marvellous presentation, Sona Jadhav scaled to new heights of success and glory. Before this album was the hymns written by Kiran Mishra “Chala Re Mann Guru Sharan Mein” (2004).

    Sona Jadhav sang the hymns in the album and got a great deal of appreciation. It is because of her continuous efforts that she is getting laurels and applauds.

    The genre Sufi was first identified through romantics, and Qawwali is a popular form of Sufi music which was first presented in Bollywood. However, Sufi Music is also used in the way of devotion, and delightful bhajans and ghazals have been singing previously which are played to date.

    She was born on 21st May, the year was 1981, and she was there on this earth. Challenging beat, lyrics were there. She made herself constant with determination. She was heartbroken with her father died unintentionally in 1997. But she realised how to come out of her deep sorrow and grief. The self-understanding was there, and she went in the top ten then she didn’t remember to look back.
    Nobody appears in comparison with Sona Jadhav (Bhardwaj) of Indore. She worked well hard, fought a lot and then become a self-made person who becomes the “Modern Meera”.

    Spiritualism and faith in God are her primary factors through these factors she converted herself into a good singer.
    Among many popular performers and performers she has mutual understanding and quality of behaviours because of that she can maintain the relationship.

    Daughter of Goddess Saraswati “Sona Jadhav” has music in her veins. There is a flow of “Sur Sangeet” in her every part of the body.

    That direct flow of sangeet is always loved to be heard.
    The powerful lyrics of Sufi music talk about reaching the divine by growing love and harmony. With tension and turmoil all around today, the works of Sufi saints and mystics are more appropriate than ever. What started in Dargahs and Mazaars years ago today has now established into a singing culture.

    There are a lot of advantages of listening to Sufi music while meditation, it enhances concentrate helping you concentrate better. In Turkey, Sufi music is used for a patient to release stress, and this is also known as music treatment. Sufism is a mystic branch of Islam whose conventional music is favourite among Turks.

    Music for films is creating a world around the truth of the Sufism, and the pattern for it is improving a lot. But it is essential to have the best knowledge of the topic. Sufi music is a journey of lifelong devotion and being absorbed in heavenly love.

    She has been honoured with many prestigious awards:

    2001- Second Prize in All India Music Competition in singing and got the Kala Abhiruchi Award.
    2002 – Bagged the prestigious Great Indore Mayuri Dance Award
    2004 – Bagged the Second Runner Up in Ladies Special of Sansui Antakshari.
    2004 – Zonal Finalist in V Super Singer an MTV Show hosted by Sri. Adanan Sami
    2005 – Bagged the prestigious Vishwa Adhyatmik Sansthan Award
    2008 – First time in the history of Madhya Pradesh, got the prestigious Meera Samman Award at Nagada.
    2010 – Bagged the prestigious Shyam Ratna Award in Hyderabad.

    In between the endless sea if anybody gives us correct definition the reality of music, singing hymns that she has only the right to be given the distinction. And that honour, no doubt can be provided to “Miss Sona Jadhav.”



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