Shweta Chitrode
Shweta Chitrode

“Saree is one of the easiest wear which you can select – Even a simple saree can bring out the real beauty of women.”

Shweta Chitrode
Shweta Chitrode Wearing Green Chiffon Saree at Nubra Valley

Saree, One of the favourite attire of Indian women. No matter what, how much an Indian woman become modern but, the love for saree will never-ever fade away. In my opinion, Saree is the only attire which makes you feel beautiful and feminine. It inspires to feel more to be a woman.

first Female Traveler wearing saree in Ladakh
Decked up Nauvari Saree @Pangong

Fashionista Shweta Chitrode (Editor-in-chief, Stylewhack) takes a step further as she explores he saree swag in Ladakh. She adores wearing the sarees and believes that you look stylish and comfortable in a saree at the same time. Let us see how she unites Maharashtrian and Ladakhi culture on her trip to the foothills of Himalaya.

Every Indian moreover travel freaks once in life thought to travel Leh-Ladakh and doing the most famous Bullet riding on the highest motorable roads of Ladakh.

Would you believe that this traditional attire can be worn while on travel to Leh-Ladakh?? Yes, you hear it right. Shweta was on a voyage to take her Marathi culture to the north.

She Said, “It took eight years to bring my dream trip into reality. Ladakh showcases the mixture of rich Ladakhi and Tibetian culture, where I wanted to take my Maharashtrian culture in the form of our beautiful Nauvari saree!”

While in Ladakh she wore her gorgeous collection of chiffon sarees and nauvaris and stunned the crowd with its beauty, culture, and history. The green chiffon saree with kalamkari blouse was worn to the Nubra valley and Diskit Monastery. Nubra valley is a tri-armed valley located to the northeast of Ladakh valley. The common way to reach this valley is by crossing the Khardung La pass (elevation 18380 Ft) which is the highest motorable road in the world. Shweta wore her Magnificent Magenta Nauvari treat at the Pangong Lake that is situated at the height of about 14,270 Ft, is 134 km long and extends from India to China. It was 4°C at the time Shweta wore her Maharashtrian Nauvari Saree at Pangong lake. While at the Changla pass (elevation 17586 Ft) second highest motorable road in the world, she changed into her stylish pink chiffon saree with silver blouse.

Shweta Chitrode at the Viewpoint of Diskit Monastery
Shweta Chitrode at the Viewpoint of Diskit Monastery

Wearing a saree may be a choice but making it a fashion statement is something that matters. In the extreme climate of -4°C wearing a saree can be so comfortable and classy. This ethnic drive has set examples for many Indian fashion seekers. We hope to see many more girls taking on the saree swag and beautify their appearance through the traditional Indian fashion wear.

Shweta Chitrode has decided to take the dare and travel Ladakh wearing Nine yards Maharashtrian saree also called Nauvari in extreme temperature and heights. Shweta has done a beautiful confluence of Maharashtrian and Ladakhi culture by taking saree to the new heights.

Here’s what Shweta has to say about her travel experience in Ladakh.
How did you land on the idea of travelling to Leh Ladakh in saree?
Shweta Chitrode
Wore Chiffon Saree in Nubra Valley

I dreamt of visiting Leh-Ladakh and exploring it since 2010. Every year I used to plan this dream trip, and it used to get cancelled. 2018 made it happen; I wanted to make this trip special as I was all set to explore the culture of the northernmost region of India.

I decided to do something extraordinary at that beautiful location. Being a fashion lover, I took up a challenge of taking fashion tradition there in the form of my sarees.

I  took brought up the confluence of Maharashtrian and Ladakhi culture with my Maharashtrian nine yards saree (Nauvari) and five yards sarees to Ladakh’s extreme temperature and heights.

What is your major inspiration to decide that you are going to do this?
I have seen a hindrance in public about wearing saree. Last year in oct India Today demeaned Saree and then when designer Sabyasachi said that every Indian woman should know how to wear a saree, everyone trashed him. I have a special love for saree; I feel it is one of the most elegant and comfortable attire. 
The idea of taking saree to Ladakh had one more reason, Ladakh is very rich in its culture. They have preserved their Ladakhi and Tibetian culture.
I wanted to take my culture to heights of Ladakh. Also, I wanted to prove that even in such terrain saree can be worn.     
How did you manage to walk in the different terrains in Ladhak?
It was challenging at first because some places you have sand, rocks, water and there is no plain land anywhere. I made sure that I was wearing flat footwear and saree was appropriately tucked. But trust me after a while saree seems to be most comfortable even in that terrain.
Which are the places you visited and how did you choose each look accordingly which goes with the landscape, beauty and the setting of the place?
Ladakh has beauty in every inch. I carried three sarees and planned to cherish them as below:
1.  Nauvari Saree
I wanted to take Nauvari saree to Pangong lake. One needs to pass the second highest motorable road (Changla Pass) to reach Pangong lake. Pangong lake is like the magical lake where water colour changes in shades of greens and blues as per the sunlight. I choose bright and radiant magenta and royal blue colour for Nauvari to compliment lake and location. I was also lucky to witness blue and green water. Nauvari is incomplete without traditional jewellery, so I made it sure to carry traditional jewellery with my Marathi look.
I faced one difficulty, there was a sudden fall in temperature, it went down to 4 degrees when I reached Pangong. I wore thermal pants inside Nauvari to combat chills. I was glad by the response of locals and tourists who showed interest and curiosity with my traditional wear.
2. Chiffon green saree paired with block printed Kalamkari blouse:
I choose Nubra Valley for this look, Nubra valley comes after crossing world’s highest motorable road, i.e. Khardungla Pass. This place has extreme patches of sands (Sand Dunes) and lush green village fields (Visible from Diskit Monastery). I choose plain sarees so that the real elegance of sarees is reflected along with minimal jewellery! Colour of saree and blouse complimented both grains of sand as well as green landscapes. Sand Dunes and Diskit Monastery were perfect places for my selected theme.
3. Plain pink chiffon saree paired with silver grey western blouse:
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Tangtse is an area with small villages near Pangong.
It has a perfect landscape view where there are beautiful clouds, blue sky, lush green fields, grazing yaks, water bodies mountains, rocks everything picture perfect.
The pink colour was just perfect as it was complimenting location just like a freshly bloomed flower in a perfect garden. Just ahead of this picture perfect location, there was the rocky area where I was able to spot Marmots (Himalayan squirrels) and was lucky enough to click pictures with them without harming their privacy.



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