These Husband-Wife Duo Making Food World More Enthralling.

Food Bloggers
Vinayak Bali and Deepika Bali

“Cooking is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking. It’s about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity..”

Vinayak Bali, Founder of Videepedia, born and brought up in a typical North Indian household; They are fed each meal as it is our last one on earth. Vinayak grew up around a complete food fanatic family. 

He used to be exuberated by the aroma of delicious food prepared by his mom and was attracted to the joy she found in cooking for us. He introduced to a lot of cuisines and flavors from a younger age, and He dreamt of doing something on the same path.

After the teen years, He started hanging out to explore locally available foods, while the North Indian cuisines remained his favorite. Vinayak found his life partner, Deepika Bali soon who is coming from the architectural background, Deepika is also a food enthusiast but a bit opposite from Vinayak, Deepika is crazy for South Indian Cuisines. and we set out on our journey to capture what all we could with our taste buds and eyes. We aspire to enjoy the beauty of places, relish the local flavors and learn their traditional methods of cooking with all the efforts that go in with it.

Vinayak Bali

We decided to step into the field of blogging just to share our experiences with our friends and family. Our first step was as food oriented blog where we shared our encounters with different food dishes and recipes. Slowly we progressed out to share our travel stories and introducing people to location-specific dishes and giving insight about their authentic preparations, spices and all. We started attending events at some of the better places of food and dining industry. Our travelling bug also brought us some opportunities to experience some more exceptional hospitality locations. A year and a half back, my better half and my sole partner in life – Deepika, decided to introduce Fashion and Beauty niche with our brand new name – VIDEEPEDIA. I look out for Travel and Food while she maintains the Fashion.

Food Blogger

I carried on all this while my interest in cooking increased gradually. Each dish I had used to exhilarate me to learn about it, and hence I paved my way to the kitchen. I started with some of the simple recipes. I aim to keep my food as simple and close to traditional as it can be. I started out with and hoped to continue with Chicken and Mutton as I feel them to be most inventive as per my liking. My family started appreciating my efforts, and soon I dream to run a commercial kitchen of my own.

Most of our time spent in creating inviting content for our social media platforms. We like to stay away from the conventional influencing, and instead, we believe in producing excellent content, be it in any form –clicked pictures, blog articles or even my cooking. We want people to enjoy something worthy in any of our work.

We hope that one day we can inspire someone to work around the thing they like just like we did. And as Deepika believes, Life is too short to stick to clichés instead make it how you dream it to be.


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