Water is a fuel to regulate the body but have you ever realise; you are drinking water in a right way? Water acquisition is 75% in our body, but with increasing age, the amount of water in the body starts decreasing. After adult, a man’s body is made up of 66% water and 55% of women.

Now the question is where all this water get stored? Some amount of water is present in our Kidney and liver. Some in our stomach, bladder and spinal cord in the form of spinal fluid.

Our heart and brain are 75% made up of water whereas lungs contain 85%. Even bones have 31% of water. In short, our body needs water in any manner. That’s why a person can live without food for some days but could not live without water.

As water is essential therefore it becomes crucial to take care of the right way, right time and the right amount to drink water.

Signs of lack of water in the body:
  • Joints Pain.
  • Constipation.
  • Dark spots on the skin or pimples.
  • Hairfall.
  • Intestine problems.
  • Indigestion.
  • Weakness and Laziness in the body.
  • Problems related to Kidney.
  • Obesity.

The problems are endless. 90% of issues occur due to lack of water in the body. The correct way to drink water can cure most of the diseases. In consequence, we must learn to drink water correctly as it keeps our eyes, bones, hairs young for a long time. It wiped out toxic acids from the stomach and kept the skin rejuvenating.

Let’s know How to drink water properly.

  • Right Amount of Drink water:

The amount of drinking water throughout the day depends on the body of every person, weight, physical activity and weather. Water continuously decreases from the body in the form of stool, sweat and urine. Besides, the activities like walking talking, breathing also consumes water. Approximately 2 – 3 litres of water excreted from the body differently.

Hence, A man advice to drink 2.5 – 3.5 litres of water daily and 2 – 3 litres water to women. If you are working out in morning or evening, then you should increase the intake of water.

In Summers, the quantity should be increased because our body needs water more during hot weather.

To Know the how much your body is hydrated, there is a quick test. If your Urine colour is dark yellow then the body is dehydrated, i.e. it needs more water. If a Urine colour is transparent like water, it means the body is well hydrated.

  • Right Time To Drink Water:

When we should drink water, it is more important to know when should not drink water. Because drinking water at the wrong time has the worst effect on our body.

To take advantage of all the good qualities of good health and water, start the day with water instead of tea or coffee. Whether it is thirsty or not started, wake up every morning to drink 1 – 2 glasses of water. By drinking water in the morning, the intestines are adequately cleaned. At the same time, the drooling saliva in the mouth provides benefits by going into the abdomen.

The saliva formed in the morning, all kinds of enzymes have present which are essential for our body. The empty stomachs that enter our body by drinking water and have a good effect on our health.

When to Drink Water:

  1. Drink 2 Glass of water /500ml empty stomach every morning.
  2. One glass after breakfast.
  3. 1 Drink 40 minutes before lunch and one glass after 40 minutes.
  4. Two glasses of water in the evening at 1-hour interval.
  5. Glass 40 minutes before Dinner and 1 glass after 40 minutes.
When Do not Drink Water:
  1. Immediately before eating and shortly after the meal.
  2. Drink Buttermilk, Lemon water or seasonal juice while having the meal.
  3. You should Take milk instead of water after Dinner.
  4. Sip water before Urine in the morning. Don’t drink it after excretion.
  5. Never Drink water just after excretion during the day.
  6. Never drink water just after having tea or coffee.
  • How to drink water properly:

The water should always drink slowly, just like tea or coffee drinks. While drinking water, keep the water in the mouth for a while then swallow. It is an appropriate way to drink water. People who get used to it do not seem to have any disease. Do not drink a lot of water at the same time. Our body can digest water 250 ml at a time.

If you drink more water than one glass at a time in the dizziness of drinking more water, then such drunken water does not seem like the body, and it emits very quickly through urination.

Therefore, Drink water in every 40 minutes duration by taking sips. Always drink water while sitting. Because while walking, Water enters the body quickly, and water from upside invite other gases to enter the mouth. This gases may cause joint pains.

  • What kind of water:

It is an illusion that the water of ice reaches the body coolness. In fact, when the cold water of ice goes into the body, then it is cool in the beginning, but it gets sweltering in a while.

Cold water has many fewer advantages. Those who are always cold water, the food in their body does not digest well, as well as diseases like headaches, indigestion and constipation etc. Therefore the water always drinks normal temperature or light warm.

The food quickly gets digested with hot water. Those who have pain and constipation in joint should always drink lukewarm water. It helps in relaxing in sinus problems and the common cold. If anyone has a problem with High blood pressure and acidity problem, then do not drink warm water.

It sounds a bit more to hear so many things related to drinking water. But all these rules, which are considered to be trusted, are so simple that if they obey these rules only for one week, then their habit will be postponed. And your health will feel better.


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