It would be a nightmare for girls who have been suffered from oily skin wear whole makeup day! Just image, you attend a party and oil attacks your face? It looks oily and greasy! Watch out, other girls! Because no matter what type of skin you are, applying makeup for a long time will sometimes cause your skin oily. For that reason, you should know some tricks to prevent your face from being oily after applying makeup.

To have a beautiful makeup, here are some tips for you:

  • Priming up is a must:

The primer is suggested to be one of the most important things to prevent your skin from oily because some follow reasons. First of all, people with oily skin have some areas over their face where the oil deposition is maximum called T-zone. These parts are forehead, nose, and chin. The primer helps in sealing up excess oil secreting the pores so that you can easily prevent your face from oiliness. Put the priming up on the oiliest parts on your face before applying other makeup but after cleansing your face.

Various types of primer are now available on the market that is suitable for different types of skin. Oily skin girls should choose a primer for oily skin. It must be anti-shine and oil-free variety. Some of have both oily skin and greasy hair.

  • Cleansing your skin is the very first step.

You should never forget washing up your face before applying makeup, but remember to choose a suitable cleanser for your skin. If yours is oily, you should select a no or at least soap product as possible. The more soap-based elements, the drier and oilier your skin is. You should also pay attention to pH balance. The idea one is about 4.5 to 5.5 for oily skin. The appropriate pH cleanser product will help your skin stronger to fight against bacteria as well as control the oil.

Since cleansing is a critical part of the skin care daily routine, you can look for which is the most suitable cleansers for oily skin even for dry one on the Internet.

For the one who wants to have a cleaner skin, you can choose a toner after washing your face with cleanser. Toner is very good at dehydrating and preventing oily. Rose water or witch hazel is a suggestion.

  • Moisturizing your skin is needed.

People tend to be afraid that moisturiser will make their skin oilier, but in fact, it is entirely different. Not all the moisturiser targets are the same. It depends on which ingredients it is included. Although your skin is overdoing it on the flaky front, it still needs to be hydrated to maintain skin barrier’s health. There are many home remedies or products to moisture on the market and the Internet nowadays.

  • Reduce the layers of makeup.

The beauty mentors usually say: “Think soft skin, not slick skin.” Too many layers will cover up the pores, and it makes the pores can’t breathe. It will lead your skin to the response by upping the oil, and the excess fat will be trapped under the layers and above the surface that creates the flaky or greasy look. It is said that if you are now using foundation and SPF separately, you should choose a product that includes both of them so that you can enjoy benefits of both in one application.

  • Absorb the oil by blotting paper:

Blotting paper seems to be saviours for people who suffer from oily skin. You should use blotting paper to absorb oil from your skin and also keep your makeup in place. Blotting paper allows you to finish your makeup and then run lightly on your face. It is also convenient to bring along.

You also can prevent oily skin after applying makeup right way when you take care of your skin daily. For example, you should not over wash your face (not much more three times per day), or you can use extracts that help you clean your pores deeply such as green tea. Above are some tips that I think it may be helpful for you who have suffered from the oily skin after applying makeup.






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