The increase in crime rate against kids has taken a drastic turn in the past few years. And this encouraged a lot of organizations to come forward and take steps to ensure child safety.

In this article, we will discuss five such organizations that are keen to promote child safety in their own ways. Let’s get started with the list of Top 5 companies that ensure the safety of kids.


1. iSecuro – Kids GPS locator

iSecuro is a GPS Tracker brand that allows you to track your kids with the help of its GPS Kids Locator. The product is a GPS Tracker for kids and has a lot of safety features such as SOS Button, which would instantly place a call to your registered number. Geo fence area setting allows you to receive a notification whenever your kid will enter or exit a particular area. And not to mention, real-time GPS tracking to track your kid’s whereabouts. One of the best companies to promote child safety.

2. Safe kids worldwide (

No one would have thought that there would be an organization that helps prevent injuries to a child. In the United States, the majority of child deaths are caused because of injuries. And when we talk about deaths caused because of an injury, it means falling to death from an elevated place, drowning, or getting hurt really bad which ultimately causes death to the child. That’s where Safekids Worldwide comes to action. Their motive is to prevent child injuries by spreading awareness on how to prevent such incidents to take place. The need of the hour one can say.


This blog is all about the tips and suggestions for taking care of your kids. Be it their health, safety or enjoyment, the blog has it all. Pregnant ladies can go through a lot of tips to keep their unborn safe and healthy. The blog also features some beneficial information about childproofing your home, tips to keep your child safe from child abuse, and a lot more information about your kid’s safety. From the right selection of food to tracking the daily activities of the kids to keep them safe, follow this blog if you are a concerned parent.

4. Safety Kids is an organization that aims to keep the kids away from any kind of physical or mental exploitation; be it abduction, violence or abuse. Safety Kids provides awareness among the kids about keeping themselves safe with their unique methods that impressed many children all across the globe. This includes the introduction of fun characters while explaining a particular topic. You can purchase the safety awareness program right through their official website. The program contains exciting things to keep the kid interested.

5. National School Safety and Security Services

School Shootings in 2018 have taken an ugly turn, and hence, a team of school safety experts came up with this much-needed idea of prevention against such mishappenings. The National School Safety and Security Services aims to provide services that include the following:-

  • School security assessments
  • School safety, emergency preparedness, and violence prevention training
  • Emergency planning and crisis response evaluations
  • Crisis communications planning
  • Consulting and media training with a focus on safety, security, and preparedness

Source (

This was the list of Top 5 Organizations that are keen to do something about the safety of the kids all across the globe. If you are a concerned parent, make sure you choose the right one for your kids. Feel free to share the article on your social platforms; it might save a life.


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