Top 5 Ideas To Get Naughty This Valentine’s Day.

Be Naughty at Valentine eve.

Valentine's Day

Traditionally, we are all driven to be cheesy and mushy on Valentine’s Day. There is nothing wrong with it, but maybe this year it’s time for a naughty element to the month of love and romance! Here are five naughty ideas to spice up your special day with your partner:

  • Go to your favorite date spot

A candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant may seem like the right choice to set the mood, that is if you’re okay being a total cliché! Save yourselves from micro portions of overpriced food and skip the fancy dinner for a place that means something to you.  Go to the place where you had your first date or somewhere that has the best desserts and enjoy a hassle-free night where you can spend a night reminiscing all the special memories you’ve shared together!

  • Less is more!


    Valentine's day
    PrivyPleasures Valentine's Day


Showing a lot of skin may seem like the right route to take on Valentine’s Day, but sometimes less is more! So instead of going for that bodycon dress that doesn’t always get the right message across because of too much skin being on display, opt for a sexy dress. A black or red maxi dress with a thigh-high slit or cutouts is so much more sultry yet sophisticated. Do up your eyes, wear a nice pair of heels and add a dash of red lipstick to your look and you’re ready for the perfect Valentine’s night look.

  • Set your Valentine’s Day room fragrance

    Valentine's Day

Set the tone for romance and a little bit of naughtiness with the perfect scent for your room. Certain smells can help intoxicate and relax your mind and body at the same time. To spice things up, use scented candles, perfume or essential oils on your neck, knees, and wrists to get your boyfriend or husband excited this Valentine’s day.

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  • Animal print!

Nothing says naughty like animal print! Surprise your partner with an animal print nightie or baby doll dress that hugs your curves in all the right places. Make this Valentine’s Day all about your wild side by sporting some stripes. Make sure just to wear one piece that has an animal print on it to look like you’re not trying too hard. It can be anything from an animal print bodysuit to even stockings to glam up your V- day date night look.

  • Play a naughty game.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to play a naughty game with your partner. Play cards or a game of truth or dare with the loser given a list of dares/ fun punishments such as obeying the commands of the partner. Mix it up a little by playing with glow in the dark dice that consist of 2 dice having various body parts on it and the other having kinky actions on it. I can suggest you a game which people usually play to spice up their night is OyeHappy Naughty Adult Board Game with a booklet of Naughty Dares gift for Husband boyfriend girlfriend wife on Anniversary Birthday. OyeHappy is kinky and interesting game which keep your boyfriend or husband engaged with you. Give a fire between you.

Pick any one of these naughty ideas or go crazy by doing all 5 of them on Valentine ’s Day and showing your partner how much they mean to you!


  1. Very cute or should I say sexy post! 🙂 You have given us some great suggestions on what to do for Valentine’s day (which you just reminded me is around the corner) to spice things up a bit. I may take on your suggestion for dinner and just visit our fave date spot. And yes, everything with animal print on it is fabulous!


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