Travelling to Vietnam

Vietnam is a mesmerizing place to go on vacations. Vietnam’s vivid greenery, urban life, culture and friendly people attract travelers around the world. In the last decades, Vietnam becomes one of the favorite holiday destinations for travelers.

Attractions in Vietnam is ample, the spectacular range of natural landscapes, unscathed islets and old villages narrating the heartbreaking story of war.

Vietnam is south-eastern Asian country on the south china sea majorly known for its stunning beaches, cultural cities, Buddhist pagodas and historical places.

Vietnam is quite underdeveloped country. If you are traveling to Vietnam, you must research the things you must know. Therefore before packing your bags certain things you need to keep in mind before boarding to the flight.

  • Take your visa gravely:

Definitely before heading to a foreign country. Ones must clarify legal process otherwise you may face significant problems. You must check on the staying validity. In Vietnam, if you want to stay longer than 15 days you should check it vigorously. Vietnamese are strict in letting people enter their country. Start the process couple of weeks before.

  1. Apply for a letter of admission from the Vietnamese Embassy at They will send a message within 2-3 days of application for Visa charged at USD 17.
  2. Once received, print the letter
  3. Print the visa application form online and fill it out
  4. Prepare recent x2 passport photos.
  5. Exchange some USD before you fly as this is the currency you have to pay for your visa with at the airport (a 30-day single entry visa costs $25)


  • Find out travel agents priorly:

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Once your legal process is completed, the next crucial thing is to find licensed and experienced travel agents in Vietnam. Make a list of local travel agents in advance to make your journey hassle-free. Every town worth visiting, e.g., Hanoi, Sapa, Hoi An, has a travel agency across the city. Using these travel offices is a remarkably handy way to plan additional elements of your trip, whether it’s an internal sleeper bus, day tour or 3-night package.

  • Find out Tour guides:

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You are going to travel in an unknown country. You will need a tour guide for the best experience. It would be wise to book a secured tour guide for a comfortable and safe trip in advance. However, an appreciative idea to get rid of local traps. I used Tooreest App to book a local person as a tour guide; it was great and easy. They have tour guides for various categories like shopping, eating, sightseeing, etc.. A reliable way to get a secure and credible person. It makes me less anxious to get trapped in local scams. And make travels experience comfier.


  • Check Weather Forecast:

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Vietnam is a tropical country, generally hot and wet climate found there. I would recommend going Vietnam in wet seasons. It only rains for few hours. Locals never cancel any activity because of rains. The weather varies across the countries. It’s quite witty to check the weather before leaving home.

The northern and highland regions exhibit more seasonal trends than the likes of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) and the south. If you are coming here for the first time, I suggest packing summer clothes and a few light jackets for the evenings.

  • Know About Currency while Travelling To Vietnam:

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Vietnam currency is popularly called Dong. During travel to Vietnam, you need to carry both Dollar and Dong. Travelers use US dollars essentially for touristic purpose. ,e.g., booking a tour, booking domestic transport or paying for a hotel. Local restaurants, bars, shops, and markets majorly accept only Dong. Therefore, It is good if you carry both currencies concurrently. Pay attention to the VND (Vietnamese Dong) you are spending. The old money might look similar, and you might feel confused at first. Therefore, look before you pay not to regret later.


  • Local Travel Services:

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Now another important thing to check for a local travel service. Vietnamese travel through two-wheelers or local bus and train. If you want to explore nearly, I suggest you should opt for local bikes. You can purchase a bike or by rental. If you are a Facebook user, many backpacker communities are there which can help you to buy or get the bike on rent.

  • Traditional and National Costume:

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The Ao Dai, a national and traditional costume majorly females wear in Vietnam. If you wear Ao Dai people look at you admirably. They feel good that you tried to adapt their custom. It is not only for women. Men, elders, children all can have their own Ao dai. High school students wear uniforms, and female officers wear to work. People dress more fancy versions for special occasions, so don’t be surprised when you see it everywhere.

  • Take care of belongings:

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Stealing is common in Vietnam; even locals are a victim. Along with it, you must pretty aware of pickpocketing and petty theft. Many greasy fingers kept their eye on naive and distracted tourist. Keep your belongings close to you. Do not blindly walk on the roads. Be aware of your surroundings and possessions.


In case, you are going to Vietnam for the first time. These important things will help to make your travel experience amazing lifelong. All you need to keep a few awareness and the world is in your steps., Vietnam is a great fun place. If you want to rest from monotonous and hustling life than Vietnam is the best place to relax and get some peace. The incredible landscape and peaceful lifestyle make us enchanted. After returning, you will surely feel new and refreshing.

Happy Journey!!



  1. Yes!! I so agree with the last tip! I’ve traveled to Vietnam 3 times in the past (to go to relatives wedding or just to visit) and I definitely have gotten my phone stolen at the time I was in Vietnam. Vietnam is a poor country so there are high chances of things getting stolen or pickpocketed. Great advice!


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