what to wear to a summer wedding

Summer is here! But the wedding season in India rarely ends. Weddings are integral part o Indian society and equally celebrated as festivals. So we need to maintain our fashion style as well. In this new era of fashion and style, everyone has gone through seasonal changes as the season changes; people start stumbling on their wardrobes to go for new summer outfits. Enormous trendy clothes are getting exhibited every season, yet nowadays people can easily find the varieties of new summer fashion trend online easily and get it quickly at doorsteps.

Fashion styling is now an integral part of our Instagrammable life these days. After all, everyone competes to get more and more likes and followers.

Moreover, a unique Fashion style makes us look different and unique from other ones. And here the summer season has already started, it is essential to have comfortable clothes in every wedding Season.

Here are some tips for what to wear at summer wedding –
What to wear?

Summer is the season to wear cool, breathable, airy and light clothes and to keep it simple. But when it comes to weddings, the trendy look is required. What to wear to a summer wedding is always confusing. We continue in search of summer dresses which are breathable and beat the heat.

For girls there is a vast stylish collection like short dresses, maxi dresses, short maxi, crop top, off the shoulder top, etc. and for woman cotton Kurtis, plazo, jeggings, leggings, linen saree with embroidered work, bandhani saree, linen high neck Kurtis are the most preferred collection. For a man, one can wear cotton light coloured shirts and t-shirts and for wedding kurta and pyjamas has a great variety.

Fabrics For Hot Weather:

The cotton, linen or silk is better options for your summer wardrobe, as the fabric should be casual and fashion must suit the season as well as weddings too. Woven cotton is most preferred wear in summer as it is a bit looser and the fabric stretches more so try to opt for cotton fabrics, lighter colours, and baggy clothes. Moreover, organic, ethnic cotton clothes are the softest and smoothest and best looking also moisture wicking clothes designed to keep you fresh, even under hottest conditions.

Ms. Vina Ahuja, Founder of Akashi Clothing Suggested, “Choosing the right colour palette and the fabric is very vital for the occasion of a wedding during summers. Summer is a time where women should include lighter shades of colours as a part of her outfit. Going for mint, ivory, an ancient sage, parchment peach, terracotta, blue Fogg, custom mauve, teaberry, coral, or custom marigold will give a subtle and a more polished look to outfits for summer weddings. When it comes to the choice of fabric for summer, picking an airy fabric will be the best way to beat the heat. Cotton, linen, chambray, khadi, pure silk, madras, seersucker, lace, fresco are few choices to consider for the summer wedding season.” And the most important while choosing clothes for the wedding, we should be known about the location of the wedding as nowadays, destination wedding very popular, so it becomes depends on it too.

What not to wear?

In summer season it is already so hot and sweating conditions at that time avoid wearing black colour or dark colours on day time especially on weddings. As black colour absorbs more heat to the skin, making a person feel hotter. Avoid leather, fur, faux and fleece materials as they produce more heat and cannot absorb sweat.

Colour Should Go For Summer Weddings

Ms. Vina Ahuja, Founder of Akshi Clothing, said, “Indian weddings are nothing short of lavish and luxe. Keeping in mind the grandeur of Indian weddings, it is imperative to choose the right colours, especially when it comes to clothes. Any wear which would keep you cool and comfortable. To opt for light coloured clothes like peach, cream, baby pink, light blue, light yellow, light grey and so on.This season, light pastels and neutral shades such as nude, light browns, dull gold, and Ash grey are trending when it comes to wedding wear. Nude and beige lehengas with subtle gold embroidery are my personal favourite. Bright summery colours such as orange, turquoise and subtle pinks would look stunning too.” Sonal Agrawal, award-winning blogger and lifestyle influencer suggested us.

Choose Accessories to beat the heat.

Usually, We don’t like to have accessories in summer, but when it comes to the wedding, we need to add our likings and style like for a woman there is an extensive collection of accessories. Like thread earrings, to carry a shoulder bag, a flat sandal with tied ankles, choker or a thin necklace, clog shoes, aviator sunglasses, floppy hat or scarf. And for a girly look, they can go for the fringed bag, flower crown, crystal braided bracelet or charm bracelet, crystal flower ring, nautical earrings, shoulder bag, floppy sun hat, charm necklace, etc.

Even for man here are some accessories to carry on with summer wedding is the perfect sunglasses for your face shape, unique watch with straps or with a metal bracelet, a summer hat, lightweight footwear like sandals, sneakers or summer boots with vibrant colour.

Jewellery in Summers

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The more minimal, the better it is. Because too much heavy, traditional jewellery can make you feel uncomfortable in the summer heat. I would opt for large statement earrings and a statement maang Tikka, and keep my neck bare to keep it minimal and yet make a huge statement. A maang Tikka is also one of my favourite pieces of jewellery because it lights up the face and instantly adds that right amount of drama that a wedding look requires. However, if you decide to keep your outfit plain for the summer, then I’d suggest going all out on the jewellery to off-set the attire. Jewellery in antique gold finish with Kundan and Jadaau according to me, looks fabulous and makes a more significant statement with most Indian outfits. Far better than plain yellow gold or plain everyday diamond jewellery, said Sonal Agrawal.

Hairstyles to beat the heat

As in summer everyone gets so sweat as of constant temperature at day time it is a very crucial part to make your hair look good. So here are some hairstyles which woman and girls can try on their hair as per their length. In summer most woman like to go for massy or funky look bun, bun using banana more clutch, doughnut bun, French bun, simple ponytail or long ponytail with a scarf and many more braided hairstyles. And the most if you want to look traditional or if you are going to wear any linen saree with embroidered work on it or any bandhani saree, bun with Gajra hairstyle would look most beautiful and traditional with saree.

Neha Suradkar, the founder of Style-N-File, told me. Ideally, anything tied up looks good and also combat the heat. There are so many options, and variations with buns, braids and other tied hairstyles which can fit in all Indian, Western and Indo-western looks and one can rock all functions without getting affected by the weather.

Take Care Of Makeup

During summer it becomes challenging to have sweat proof, and long lasting make up and for that there is very vast collection of cosmetics products of different companies are available like Loreal, Maybelline, Himalaya, Lakme, lotus, Elle 18, MAC, Revlon from where we can easily have the products to have sweatproof makeup for summer weddings. First of all, we can use an oil-free moisturizer or Lakme sun expert cream to save the skin from sun rays. To have to make up fixer or good primer which will help our face to be sweat proof, after that we should have three layers make up with baby cream, a thin layer of concealer, and long-lasting foundation. On top of that which will provide an extra edited layer of sunscreen, after that to contour face use contour palette shade. According to your skin tone which will help you to cover your ethnic spots like cheekbones, nose, corner of your forehead and temple part of the face.

Famous Style coach, Neha Suradkar said, In the indoor venue, anything will work, but during summers, it’s always better to go light with makeup. Avoid heavy and caked up look. Play with colours on eyes and lips. Most importantly, take care of your skin and keep it well hydrated for any makeup to look good.

Choose footwear wisely

Ms. Sonal Agrawal Said, If it’s a summer wedding, chances are that the heat is already making you feel uncomfortable. You don’t need your footwear to add to the discomfort. I’d say opt for platforms or wedges in colours that compliment your outfit. 

At a recent destination wedding, I attended, I wore gold platform sneakers under my lehenga! It looks quirky, fun, makes a unique statement and is next-level comfortable!!

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Clothes and other stuff for Summer Weddings.

In talking with Ms. Vina Ahuja, Founder of Akashi Clothing, she suggested, Weddings are all about that pop of colour, and they are happy moments that people will cherish forever. Weddings during summer are especially filled with flowers and grand themes. A selection of florals during weddings in summer give an exquisite and comfortable going look.

  • The choice of colour palette for decor and clothing for summer weddings should always be a bit more on the relaxed and natural side.
  • A few salient points to keep in mind would be to maintain the combination of white or ivory with flowers or the shades of peach, mango, coral and green.
  • Summers in India consists of sweat as the sun is torrid. Hence it would be a smart call to go for sweat absorbent material. Body relaxed kurta with cigarette pants, one-piece dresses, crops, and skirts, co-ord sets are few options for a perfect Indian summer wedding 2019.
  • Keep them light and breathable yet glamorous looking. 
  • Focus on the cuts, fits and unique silhouettes rather than the blingy embellishments. 
  • Remember that during summer weddings, Less is always More.
  • Comfort is key! 

An elegantly styled outfit that flatters your body, no matter how minimalistic can look far more glamorous. If you’re comfortable and confident wearing it, rather than something over the top, Says Sonal Agrawal.

So in all summer wedding is somewhere we find it very scary. When it comes to going for day time wedding, but at the same time all the trendy collection of summer whether it is your outfit, makeup or accessories, everything will help you look gorgeous only. When you have known all ideas about the variety of costumes exhibited in every season and summer collection starts displayed in February to march.




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