what's in my bag for winters
Nidhi Vaishnav (Follow - @intensefashionchic01)

Winter season is always quite fun for me, but I still bit confuse what to carry in this stubborn weather to keep my beauty alive. Winter season is on its way, so we should welcome it with great excitement. But this excitement gets double if you pay some attention to yourself. By investing your time in little things can make you feel better all the time. You can’t deny that your skin and body needs more care in winters. Therefore, I decided to talk to my good friend Nidhi Vaishnav, she is a renowned Instagram influencer and Fashion blogger (Follow her @intencefashionchic01) to take some special tips for winters. We usually go out in this season and always complains that the chill winds affect our skin too much. Nidhi has suggested us what should be must-haves to carry in your handbags during this chilling winter season. So, here I am to share some essential things you might need to carry in your bag for winters.

Let’s dive into it.

1. Lip Balm/ Lip Gloss

Things to carry in your bag this winter

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The most essential thing to carry in your bag for winter is a Lip Balm/Lip Gloss. It can save you from chapped lips. Struggle to get rid of dry or chapped lips are really hard. Lip balm or a Lip Gloss will keep your lips hydrated helping you to get rid of any dryness. A number of varieties are available in the market nowadays but try to choose one with shea-butter, it will help you get the soft and supple lips.

 2. A Scarf
Winter Essential things carry in your handbag
Cable Knit Infinity Scarf

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If you are one who travels frequently, then this point is surely for you. During winters you can’t predict when the sunny day changes into breezy weather and conditions become extreme. That’s why to carry a scarf in your bag is always proved to be a wise choice. This simple piece of cloth can save your nose and ears from harsh and chilling wind. Along with it also protects your eyes, so don’t forget to carry your shades too.

3. A Cold Cream

essential things to carry in your handbag

Usually, Cold creams contain glycerin that is really important for your skin during winters. No one likes dry skin and rough skin. Also, the key to great confidence is to feel good always. And, you will feel good if your skin feels it from within. This is possible with a skincare routine. Choose your cold cream wisely, you will need a cream that has essential oils and which helps to smoothen your skin. So, choose a small sized cream that fits into your bag easily and saves yourself from patchy skin anywhere and anytime.

4. Gloves

winter essentials for your bag

Leopard Bow Detail Gloves, Rs. 444 

Hand gloves are worth investing when it comes to winter essentials things to carry for your handbag. Your gloves should fit you properly and should be insulating one, thicker than usual. After all, you are choosing for winters to protect your hands and mainly to carry easily in your purse; therefore the gloves should be lightweight too.

5. A Comb

winter essentials for your bag

Letter Pattern Air Cushion Massage Comb, Rs. 222

Yes, Comb is not just a bag essential for summer but for winter too. You can easily get fly hair with scarves, wind or sweater so to keep your hair on a place you will need your comb. Remember, not to miss it out when packing your bag.

Today, we talked about some necessary items for your handbag for the winter season. This includes a Lip Balm/Lip Gloss, A Scarf, A Cold Cream, Gloves and at last but not at least A Comb. With these, you are ready to rock your winters.



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